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Yayoi Kusama: Life is The Heart of A Rainbow

My second experience at Museum Macan, a modern and contemporary art museum located in west Jakarta. This time, it's an exhibition solely dedicated to Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist known for her eccentric sense of art. Her works are mostly based on conceptual art with attributes in feminism, minimalism, surrealism, abstract art, pop art and abstract expression mixed with autobiographical, psychological and sexual content. Known for her Infinity Mirrored Rooms and signature obsession for dots, the 'Life is The Heart of A Rainbow' exhibition feature over 130 of Kusama's artworks spanning from 1950 throughout and explores the development of her iconic themes and interconnections through her career.

FRED: Sea Salt x Thai Tea

A photogenic, recently opened soft serve ice cream parlor located in the north part of Jakarta, FRED is sure to catch the attention of anyone who stroll around the sunny area of Pantai Indah Kapuk looking for something sweet to beat the heat. Unlike most shops in the area, FRED is one that captivates Instagram enthusiasts and young influencers through its use of high glass windows, concrete entrance ground and perfect white interior.

Skincare Stash: Cosrx

I seldom talk about beauty stuff but when I do, they are and will be the things I swear by. Famous for its natural ingredients and fragrance-free options, Cosrx defines minimalism for skincare. Their 'less is more' ideology is what makes their products great and receive a cult following. In fact, one of my beauty goals is to try almost every single Cosrx product available in their collection. As of now, I've tried six products and will share them with you.

Don't Mind, Don't Matter

I'm a thinker. I tend to think a lot and more often than not I end up analyzing and thinking about things a little too much. This is just one of the many few random thoughts I'd like to share.
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