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What to Watch: Mysteries and Crime

Here's something about me: I'm a fan of true crime cases, unsolved and solved. I love exploring serial killers, their motives, physiology and psychology. If you follow my twitter account, chances are you've seen me frequently tweet about these things, especially Buzzfeed Unsolved. I also wrote a post like this once but I thought I should make an updated list.

An Invitation

Last sunday, I attended my friend's wedding. She is twenty seven and has been in a relationship with her partner for seven years. Days like this are the reason I think about how marriage was never in my mind, something I don't like (or want) to think about.

Phone Calls Anxiety

Someone texted me through Whatsapp the other day. It was a freelance job offer. We talked for a little while and I mailed him my freelance rates. He told me he will be in touch after reviewing my rate proposal. Everything looked good for a while.

New Office!

at the end of march, I finally relocated to the new office building. just in case you're wondering, I'm still an employee in the same company i started last year. I know I talked (and blogged) about finding a new workplace and not feeling motivated anymore but when I decided to wait a little longer and stick to what I currently have, I surprised myself by actually enjoying how things are going right now.
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