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Gloomy Skies

hi, it's a-me, not mario! yes, i've been missing from the blogging game for quite a while now. seven days may not seem like a long time to some people but judging how often I used to update (around three to four times a week), this is such a small progress (but one I do not regret.) heads up, this post is probably yet another random one like this and won't mean a thing.

The End of The F*cking World

Let's talk about the hottest baked potato everyone's been talking about these days — The End of the F*cking World is a British dark comedy drama based on the graphics novel of the same name by Charles S. Forsman. It has 8 episodes on Netflix, receives a solid 97% from Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 8.3/10 on IMDB. I basically binge watched the entire thing in one day and let me tell you, those scores do not lie.

Love Notes #003 | Femme Fatale

Unlike people who can easily appoint their role models, I never really thought about mine. A part of me thinks it's because I am too much of an individualist who don't care about being influenced by other characters — though I'm not sure that being an individualist guarantees any of these things. When I think about it, we aspire to be like someone else, one way or another and that's where I start thinking about role models. 

Mlkboard 009

happy sunday everyone, i'm back. temporarily, that is. in my last weekly summary post i wrote about taking things slow because i need a small break from anything online. i still do, hence the absence and lack of posts. i'm also taking a slight break from posting new weekly summary posts because my heart's not in it at the moment. yet, i've realized that doing a moodboard based on how i feel seems to be an easy and welcoming way to do an update.
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