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22 Feb 2018

An extremely late weekly highlight post since I haven't been quite productive with the blog lately. I kind of feel like I have to apologize for it even though I know this is my right. I've been focusing more on real life happenings and feel like a break is something I could use, even though you'd see me tweeting almost every day to fangirl and complain about things.

Work & Life

+ First of all, Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrated! My family and I celebrated it but it wasn't anything crazy or festive. CNY is pretty much my least favorite event ever so there isn't much to talk about other than family gathering dipped in pretense smiles for the sake of formality and nosy questions by know-it-all baby boomers.

+ Remember how I've been talking about finding a new job? One of them came back to me and I was accepted. I wanted to so badly accept it but I didn't. The reasons include non-ideal location, paycheck and non-flexible working hours. Also, after comparing it to my current workplace, I feel like the options I have now are more advantageous. In this post I mentioned that the perfect workplace does not exist and so, even though stressful days will happen, I'll stay and continue to improve myself. After all, beggars can't be choosers and I just have to persist with what's on my plate now. Perseverance (or stupidity), they call it.

+ I've been so focused on work lately that I end up extremely exhausted and drained once I got home. It's good productivity in the office but the side effect would be the lack of blog updates. To be honest, it's a little bit satisfying to know - to feel like I'm picking up the pace. All those stressful days when I first started working feel a little more fruitful.

+ Real life bullshit is currently chasing me and my family down. Not going to talk about it to full length but it has been rough and tough for my family and I to survive financially. It's also another reason for my absence in blogging.

+ I'm not one who's always head over heels when it comes to valentine's day. In fact, I never bothered to actually give my boyfriend gift of any kind. I think it's just not our cup of tea. However, we did appreciate the day by going to Pizza e Birra, one of my all-time favorite pizza eateries with mid-century aesthetics and interior setting. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the place because that's just a bad habit when you're not a food blogger. The place is also famous for beer lovers and foreigners who'd come by to watch American football competition, drink some beer and have some buffalo wings.

+ We (and by we I mean my dude and I, obviously) ordered their honey mustard chicken wings, Greek style calzone and their signature 'next day mama spaghetti' which, to my boyfriend's fake surprise, is almost similar to spaghetti bolognese but without tomato sauce and with added pepperoni. I honestly don't know what's their secret 'sauce' but the abundance of pepperoni and minced beef are definitely on point. As for the chicken wings and calzone, they're good too. I'm a fan of pizza in general so even if it's folded into a calzone, I don't mind. The only pizza I hate is when they put pineapples on them.

+ Since we're at the topic of food, I shall proceed and say: I have found my absolute favorite snack! Now, I'm not a fan of snacking or snacks in general as my throat generally cannot deal with a lot of those MSG seasoning. BUT, lo and behold, I am now obsessed with Lorenz potato chips — especially the Crunchips cheese & onion one. IT'S TOO DAMN GOOD.

They also have the Naturals version which is thicker and tastes lighter. It's a tad bit pricier but it's equally as awesome.


+ Kimi no suizo wo tabetai / Let me eat your pancreas — the title is creepy, I know. I'm not a fan of it either. But it's not a movie about zombies or cannibalism. It's about the friendship of an emo teenage boy and a girl who's dying from a pancreatic disease. I had high expectation because the movie includes Oguri Shun and Kitagawa Keiko in it but eh, it's just a mediocre movie that I don't care recommending.

+ Fullmetal Alchemist live action — the FMA anime/manga is one of my absolute favorites and I cannot believe they made this live action with Yamada and Honda Tsubasa as Edward and Winry respectively. Yes, I'm not over this decision and I still disapprove the casting (except for Dean Fujioka and Misako Renbutsu as Mustang and Hawkeye) I wrote a review on letterboxd and well yeah, that's all I have to say about this movie.

+ From Hell — a movie loosely based on the graphics novel of the same name by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell about the Jack the Ripper murders. I had high expectation but it was a disappointing, upsetting movie. I'm a fan of Jack the Ripper cases so it annoys me when the movie (and probably the graphics novel too) changed a few things. No thanks.

+ Black Panther — Captain America's solo movies will always be the best MCU solo lineup ever for me but do make way for Black Panther and watch it if you can because this was such a fun, fun ride. I'm going to go as far as to say this is even more fun than Thor Ragnarok and is definitely way up there compared to Spiderman Homecoming (I hate this, yes I do.) Black Panther may have such an easy story but the visuals and culture are on point. I also enjoyed the combat scene even though it's not up there yet with Captain America's. I love me some mundane, superpowerless superhero.

All in all it's been a slow, sloooow life and I think I'm going to be extremely slow with future blog updates too — we'll see about this. In the mean time, I'm not going to force myself to create content and will just focus on my life and work productivity level. I feel bad for being extremely slow with the articles for Hannah's Wild At Hearts magazine project too but ah, what can I say, I'm currently not in the best space so please bear with me as I try to collect the fallen pieces of my messy life.

How have your life been? Also, tell me what is your favorite snack!

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