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Instagram's 7 Deadly Sins

Disclaimer beforehand, this post is meant for satirical irony and not something to be taken to heart. If you're a keen Instagram user, don't fret because I use the platform too. The things I'm about to list here may not be something you agree with therefore please ead everything with an open mind and perceive this as a witty comedy in typed form. This post is full of unfiltered sass and 'French' curses that may resonate within Regina George's burn book and Blair Waldorf's list of bitchy comebacks. You have been warned.

Clocked #028 | Slow Pace

An extremely late weekly highlight post since I haven't been quite productive with the blog lately. I kind of feel like I have to apologize for it even though I know this is my right. I've been focusing more on real life happenings and feel like a break is something I could use, even though you'd see me tweeting almost every day to fangirl and complain about things.

How Should We Trust Influencers?

I've been browsing my social media apps with a half-dead poker face, feeling like everything tastes bland and repetitive. Why, I wonder, does everything in social media today tastes like billboards?

Netflix List

My Netflix trial membership ended yesterday and I was hesitant whether or not I should commit and subscribe or just watch my favorite series on other free streaming sites. After pondering for quite a while, I decided to be a Netflix subscriber. Yes guys, I have turned into one of you who is always scrolling through her Netflix list. There's something about using Netflix that makes me feel slightly better, if not cooler — like I'm one of the cool kids.

Vain and Credits

Inspired by beauty youtuber Jenn Im, a post by Angeline Suwardi and Arora Appleby comes this seemingly vain blog post where I'm going to tell you a few things I love and hate about myself. This isn't narcissism per se but even if it is, so what? Narcissism is bad when you think the world revolves around you but not when you use it to support yourself. It's a double edged sword where, unless you do things out of moderation, it's not necessarily all bad.
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