Clocked #027 | Two Years

31 Jan 2018

I've been feeling uninspired and off lately hence the lack of posts. As much as I don't want to sound like an excuse, I've been busy battling against real life situations and its warriors of emotional disturbance and I think I deserve a break for that. Besides, a well-thought post is much better than one meant to fulfill the agenda of quantity, right?

Work / Life

Let's start with the unpleasant one first.

I mentioned in my previous weekly summary post about my decision to resign from my current job. I also would like to thank you guys for actually supporting me. The thing is, I'm not so sure yet. Alright, hear me out here; for the past two weeks, I've been hunting for a new job and attending interviews. Unfortunately, I haven't found any replacement better than where I am right now. The interviews I went to were weird, the work environment wasn't ideal and none of them felt like they're going to boost my career plan. In case you forgot, I work as a user interface & experience designer which is a fairly new profession in Indonesia, especially when 90% of the people and companies here do not take ux designers seriously and think we are identical to web designers. Likewise, most companies, especially huge corporate, who are looking for "ux designers" tend to not understand what the profession actually means, only using the terminology as a fancy jargon. At the same time, most design companies or studios here focus mainly on branding, a field that I really, really dislike.

Long story short, I might or might not move to a new workplace in March. My original plan was to end my current job this month but apparently, shit happens and I haven't found a new one. I do have one place (or company, whichever you prefer) in mind right now but I'm not sure if my application went through. We'll have to see about that once I'm done with the trial test. In the mean time, I've decided that it's best to stick with a boring, dull job than be an unemployed freeloader. After all, it's better to still have profits coming in to pay those unpaid bills than not having any.

The urge to quit my current place is still pretty much intact, though. I'm still under constant stress and feeling like shit so yeah, what to do other than staying alive.

Two Years Anniversary

Alright, now on to the happier things.

 Last week, particularly on the 25th, marked the 2nd year anniversary of my relationship. Boy oh boy, who would have known that my first relationship could last this long. Not complaining, though. In fact, I'm pretty surprised and thankful about it. Statistically speaking, first relationships tend to break fast and people will date a lot of people before they finally get into one that is long lasting. The concept of high school or college sweethearts staying together til marriage seems like something out of a Wes Anderson storybook.

Which is why I never believed it.

But then it happened — is happening — and we celebrated by going to an all you can eat yakiniku restaurant. It was quite pricey but the good kind of pricey. The basic package gave us three choices of meat: chicken, beef and lamb with each type having two variants so really, it was all worth it. And then of course, there was the buffet stand where everything looked inviting.

After yakiniku, we went to Amaussan Uji Matcha, a small and traditional looking Japanese cafe who serves everything Matcha related dessert. I wanted to get their matcha ice cream cone but the machine broke (what are they, McDonalds!?) so we bought their new menu, the matcha gelato instead. It was super soft and creamy, completed with the real taste of bitter green tea! I love, love it.

Aside from all these foodgasm adventures, a loose piece in my mind is urging me to blog about my thoughts on this relationship, my relationship. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't. Who wants to read about a sappy, cliche love story when you have a crap ton of heart wrenching love stories in movies and books?


Maze Runner: The Death Cure — 3.5/5

It wasn't bad but it wasn't anything I expected either. I anticipated emotional death scenes but as it turned out, they weren't that emotional for me. I guess this is why you're not supposed to change things — important things. Still, it was enjoyable and fun while it lasted. I'm forever going to support and understand Teresa and WCKD even though most hypocrites people believe the ideology of "sacrifice one to save many" is wrong. Ethics and morality are blurred in this trilogy (series?) and I love stories like that. Now then, can we have movies for The Maze Runner prequels?

The End of The Fucking World — 5/5

There's a reason why this series is so hyped right now. It's a good "coming of age" kind of story about two teenagers who don't fit in. Alyssa is a rebellious, foul mouthed teenager and James is a 17-year old who believes himself to be a psychopath. They started a relationship and decided to embark on a road trip across England. I highly, highly recommend everyone to watch it. It's just captivating in a way I cannot explain. Here's to hoping there's a season 2 for it.

Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime Season 3

The ghoul boys are back and rollin' with Jack the Ripper for their season premiere. Jack the Ripper is, in my opinion, one of the best cases of all time. Call me freaky but cold cases really do pique my interest. In fact, I have loved almost every pop culture (movies, anime, video games, etc) that utilize Jack the Ripper as their reference or concept.

Hanzawa Naoki — 4/5

I've been into Japanese dramas again lately. Hanzawa Naoki is a solid watch about a banker who works for the largest bank in Japan and his struggles to climb up the rank, courtesy of corrupt higher ups and management. The first section was basically about him being framed for the loss of 500 million yen and told to recover it. It's a pretty intense drama about bankers, the banking world and corrupt elites but a worthwhile watch nonetheless.

The Mist

I tried watching it because it's based on Stephen King's novel but for some reason, my focus drifted away and I couldn't find myself interested. Maybe I'll try to rewatch it again someday but definitely not anytime soon. In the mean time, I'll find something else to watch on Netflix.

How did your week go? Mine was, as you can see, pretty boring.

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