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15 Jan 2018

These past few days I have been so preoccupied with a lot of emotional burden that I haven't felt as inspired to write a post. I'm planning to take it slow since it's best not to post rather than write something just for the sake of it. It does piss me off though since my blog is really important but what can I say, I'm having a lot of happenings lately. I have a few drafts sitting in my blog right now since my thoughts are still scattered, however, once I'm back to "normal" I'll definitely post them.


One of the biggest highlights this week was my decision to resign from my current workplace at the end of this month. If you're a frequent reader of my blog or a follower of my twitter account, chances are you've heard of me talking about how stressful my working environment is. It's not even about the workload (because I can handle the workload even though it's quite a lot and I'm the only designer) but rather, the work culture and uh, my supervisor. I don't want to talk about it in this post since I've prepared one fully dedicated to it. In short, I've decided to take this route because I no longer feel motivated, passionate and happy. As of now, I'm just struggling from the guilt even though a lot of people think I'm not at fault here.


I've been struggling with back pain and sore muscles for the last two weeks and it's making me feel like crap to the point where I have to bring analgesic, pain relief cream with me to work. I've been using heat patch at night too and it leaves this gritty, dry texture on my back. The side effect is really itchy though and I've been scratching a lot. Ugh, it sucks. I think I overworked and is always so tense at work because I don't take breaks and try to finish my work faster. As I'm typing this, it's my right arm and wrist are currently aching. I can't move my right arm a lot or hold the phone too often so it's pretty much looking limp and pathetic at the moment.


On the other hand, boyfriend and I decided to sign up for Netflix. We're currently enjoying our free one-month trial but once it's over, we'll probably choose the two-screens plan. In the mean time, I've been abusing the 4-screens free trial and is slowly getting sucked into the Netflix craze.

Speaking of Netflix...

+ I finally watched Black Mirror season 4. My favorite episode is definitely Black Museum which is the last episode. Unfortunately, season 3 is still my favorite and I think season 4 lacks something that made me love the previous seasons better. I'm not sure what that is but season 4 isn't that interesting, at least for me.

+ Finally caught up with season 2 of Riverdale! The Black Hood's real identity was too easy and not something (or someone) I expected. I wanted more plot twists and not a linear, easily predictable flow! This is the feeling I always struggle with Riverdale; the show is do I say it, too easy? Also, I hope Betty and Jughead would stop having an on and off relationship because it reminds me of Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen and it's tiring (what are they, light switches!?)

 + I'm upset that Netflix does not have the latest episodes of CW shows. What's the point of subscribing to Netflix if I can't get the latest episodes of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl fast?

+ Netflix android app sucks so bad. I can't play anything at all!

Went to one of the best ramen restaurants last week with the boyfriend. Hakata Ikkousha is, without a doubt, my absolute go-to place when it comes to ramen. I ordered their light tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen and boyfriend got the tantan tonkotsu ramen. The only difference is that the tantan one is served with chili oil hence the red colour. We also ordered two plates of gyoza because I was craving for some last week. It was such a fulfilling lunch!

After lunch, we decided to go to the airport just for laugh and giggles. Originally, the airport only had two terminals but now that terminal 3 is established and running, both of us decided to tour around. As you can see from the photos above, it looks more like a shopping mall than an airport terminal! The structure and interior remind me of Baiyun International Airport in China and the parking lot reminds me of IKEA. It's safe to say that both of us were in awe and amazed. Also, both of us love airports, hotels and stations. Weird, I know but whatever.

For this week, aside from my stressful and mood swing days, boyfriend and I only went out to lunch and drove around mindlessly. We didn't really spent the day adventuring as much as last week. Suffice to say, we had a delicious brunch at Masizzim, a Korean restaurant specializing in stew. I've been curious about this new place ever since we went to Hakata Ikkousha because they're situated next to each other. At first the price kind of made me cringe (it's nothing extraordinarily fancy but I suspected it wasn't going to have a fulfilling portion) but we decided to try it anyway.

We ordered beef ribs stew (IDR 168,000 / US$ 13), tuna "squeeshy rice" (IDR 53,000 / US$ 4) whose concept is to let you make your own onigiri/rice ball out of it and steamed egg (IDR 45,000 / US$ 3.38) When I compared the price and their portion, it felt kind of one-sided to be honest. Plus, charging IDR 25,000 (US$ 2) for a glass of iced tea was quite expensive. Even if it's refillable, $2 for iced tea is kind of stupid in my opinion especially because this isn't a luxurious, elite French restaurant.


Let's judge the flavor.

Beef ribs stew — tender, juicy, flavorful. For stew, they only served beef, chicken or seafood. We can also choose between soy or spicy, udon or glass noodle and with or without additional add-ons of cheese, topokki or extra noodles. We chose level 1 spicy, with glass noodle and without any add-ons. The beef was really good so maybe it's not a total regret. I only expected the portion to be a little bigger even though boyfriend said that what we had was of decent amount. Maybe I'm just being too stingy.

Tuna squeeshy rice — first off, it's kind of weird to see a Korean restaurant serving onigiri instead of bibimbab. They do serve kimchi fried rice but that's not bibimbab for me. With this one, they provide plastic gloves for us to mold the ingredients into onigiri. I wasn't up for that kind of mess so I just mixed everything like it's a donburi and ate them like that. Plus, it's almost impossible to mold them since rice balls are usually wrapped with huge seaweed and not...chunks of them. Still, it was delicious though but definitely a single person portion.

Steamed egg — boyfriend didn't ate this because he hates steamed egg. I personally like it only when it's still hot. When it gets cold, some of them stick to the clay pot and turns into bitter crack. Yes, bitter. It was such a turn off because I've had steamed egg where, when left to cool down, it won't get roasted and turned bitter.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding this restaurant. It's delicious and all but for the portion kind of let me down a little bit. Will I return? Probably, but definitely not very soon.

After driving around with no particular destination, we went to the south district for a cup of gelato. I suppose it's not as crowded because it's quite a hidden gem. Located in the same store as Sugabites Patisserie, Fiore di Gelato is a cozy, quiet place perfect for introvert reading and of course, dates. The only downside is their choice of music — why would you play loud, mainstream Kpop songs in a dessert parlor with supposedly serene French vibe!? 

Regardless, $2 for one cup of gelato with two flavors is such a steal! There was also an extra one scoop promo if we follow them on Instagram so in the end, we got three scoops of gelato. I chose oolong tea, vanilla and nutty flavour and I got really full even before I reached the end. Even though it's flavourful and budget-friendly, I wouldn't say it's my absolute favorite. Oolong tea tasted a little too sweet and not "tea" enough while the other are okay. I will, however, praise their vanilla flavour.

How did your week go?

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