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Clocked #027 | Two Years

I've been feeling uninspired and off lately hence the lack of posts. As much as I don't want to sound like an excuse, I've been busy battling against real life situations and its warriors of emotional disturbance and I think I deserve a break for that. Besides, a well-thought post is much better than one meant to fulfill the agenda of quantity, right?

These Things They Kept From Us

Recently I've been seeing a lot of tweets, posts and people expressing their concern and doubt regarding the possibility of adulthood the moment they're done with school. First of all, let me say that I have not mastered the art of adulthood yet so what I'm going to share today are based on my personal struggles experience. Second, I've realized that despite all the advises most "experienced" adults tend to say, I never really heard any of them say these blatantly obvious things. This is where my words are going to slip in.

The Train I Used To Board

I used to spend hours on tumblr, reblogging things and browsing through tags. I was so keen on keeping my account neat I even assembled a page just for tags. I took care of my tumblr account like it meant everything to me. It was my moodboard, my updates to fandom related things and much more. Then everything stopped for what seemed like months, a year even. I thought I didn't need it anymore but I never really deleted it. I'm glad I didn't trashed it away because lately, I found myself going back to the platform to experience all the good things I used to be surrounded with. So, what changed?

Did I Just Gift Myself? Yes, I did.

L to R: Rah, Maxwell, Livv

Like I said in my time capsule post, I splurged on quite a few things in December. It's probably not as crazy as someone who'd buy Christmas presents for their family members but for me, it's definitely a few. I don't celebrate Christmas but I made a good use of this month to treat myself. So did I just use December as an excuse? Yes, I did. Coincidentally, I needed to stock up some necessary skincare stuff so there's that.

Clocked 025 & 026

These past few days I have been so preoccupied with a lot of emotional burden that I haven't felt as inspired to write a post. I'm planning to take it slow since it's best not to post rather than write something just for the sake of it. It does piss me off though since my blog is really important but what can I say, I'm having a lot of happenings lately. I have a few drafts sitting in my blog right now since my thoughts are still scattered, however, once I'm back to "normal" I'll definitely post them.

Versatile Changes For Your Theme

First off, I'd like to thank Luna for inspiring me with this idea. She once asked me how I always manage to modify my blog theme and make it look like I just purchased a new theme when I didn't. Here's the thing: I'm stingy when it comes to buying themes. I never bought a $20 theme because my budget will always revolve around $10-15 ones on Etsy. But I've found some ways on how to fake a new theme and hopefully, some of you might benefit from the tips I'm about to share with you.

Love Notes #002 | 2017

Guess I'm still stuck reviewing 2017 stuff but hey, some (if not most) of us are nosy when it comes to knowing what other people love in terms of beauty and skincare. I'm not a beauty guru by any means but I love to pamper my skin and getting dolled up. Also because I need a distraction from how angry I am thanks to the whole Logan Paul stupidity that still makes me taste iron in my mouth.

Time Capsule | 2017

annie spratt

Look who's late to the party. I didn't plan to write a 2017 recap so I guess this isn't much of a yearly review. I think it's better to consider this as a bunch of realizations and lessons learned mixed with bits and pieces of reviews here and there.
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