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11 Dec 2017

It's been raining a lot recently but last week was insane. From the hormonal weather and its transition from bright and sunny to dark and rainy, finding public transportation after work was really difficult. On Friday, I had to wait for two to three hours just to get a cab!

+ When I brought my jacket, the sky was as clear as a baby's butt. When I didn't, rain began to pour for about two hours straight, stopped and then poured some more for an hour. I love rain but it's so annoying when you finally experience what it's like to be stuck in the office because no Uber wants to pick you up.

+ My boyfriend picked me up at work on Friday and we waited for around two or three hours just to get an Uber. The surge was insane so we decided to get a cab instead. The line was long, making us wait for around 30-40 minutes. We end up getting our cab at around 22:30. The mall had closed down and all the lights went out. It was tiring and nerve-wrecking for me.

+ Breakout everywhere, yikes! My face is full of acne. Okay maybe not as intense as those who are extremely acne-prone but I've never had this much zits even before my period. I have three zits on my chin, one under my nose, one on my cheek and three on my forehead. In my history of skincare outbreak, this is pretty insane. I'm not sure if this is due to PMS or I over moisturized my face.

+ So I bought the Hada Labo Gokujyun ultimate moisturizing face wash and.... I think it played a part in my zits. I've used the Gokujyun foaming face wash in the past and it worked well. I guess the tube version is too moisturizing for my oily T-zone. It's supposed to work for all skin types so I'm not really sure. Maybe I'll try it again once my period is over and my current zits have cleared up.

+ I finally bought The Ordinary's Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% (perfect for rosacea and blemishes!) and have been using it for two days now. So far, the only side effects I am experiencing are stinging, itchy sensation though I've heard that this is normal for first timers. I also like the instant matte feeling it provides my T-zone but I still use my moisturizer on top as it calms the stinging sensation a little bit. I've found that fanning my face works too although it takes around 30 minutes.

+ I'm running out of my Innisfree green tea balancing cream and is currently wondering what to try next. I'm thinking of trying out COSRX oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion since it claims to be lightweight and awesome for sensitive, dehydrated oily and acne-prone skin. If you ever tried it, please tell me how it performs in the comments below!

Boyfriend and I found our second favorite place to satisfy our cravings for gelato. At the mall near my workplace is Aroma Gelato and we got a BOGO (buy one get one) promo two weeks ago for such a decent price. There are four sizes available and we chose Medio which is the medium sized with 3 flavors for IDR 55,000 / US$ 3.85. I chose pistachio, mint chocolate and milk flavor; my boyfriend had his with non dairy dark chocolate (super bitter!), lemon (so sour!) and sea salt caramel. I love everything in my cup, especially their pistachio flavor. I also think their mint chocolate chip is authentically delicious, far more than the usual mint chocolate chip from Coldstone Creamery and/or the overpriced Baskin Robbins.

I think I am now a convert. I still love soft serve ice creams but I love gelato way more, especially when brands get two things right: the flavor and the amount of scoop(s) we paid for. With ice cream, the scoops are usually small and perfectly circular but with gelato, they are usually deep and overflowing (which is why I personally don't like eating gelato in a cone)

cheese gyoza!?

Osaka Ohsho

+ Went to Osaka Ohsho for Saturdate lunch, a Japanese restaurant specializing in gyoza and tenshindon/tenshinhan, a Japanese-Chinese specialty consisting of crab meat omelette on rice. They also have several types of rice for us to choose from: white rice, Japanese fried rice, kimchi fried rice and fried rice with black soy sauce. The custom rice options are available with pork or chicken.

+ Their tenshindon is A+ perfect! The "soup" (or whatever it is) was soooo goooood! For only IDR 40,000 / US$ 2.8, the portion is definitely meant for sharing. What a steal, isn't it?

+ Of course, boyfriend and I had to try their famous gyoza. We ordered their signature pan fried gyoza in chicken and prawn. As you can see on the photo, they were very slightly burnt but hey, the flavor is still a solid A+! If I cannot get fat, I think I'd order another plate. I'm telling you I can eat 20 gyoza all by myself, no joke.

+ We also tried their new cheese gyoza. At first they looked weird but when I flipped them on the can see the melted strings of cheese between each dumpling. Surprisingly, the cheese serves as the gyoza's "dressing" and not as stuffing — which is perfect because cheese stuffing in dumplings sound gross to me.

Disney Coco: 9/10

So, I finally watched COCO with my boyfriend and..... the reviews don't lie. I love this movie! It's a solid 9/10 for me in terms of story, visuals and music. I also love the fact that this is a movie about Mexican culture, particularly one that I have always been fascinated with — the Day of The Dead, aka Dia de Muertos. The Mexican culture is pretty thick in this one especially with the whole 'family is everything!' concept that reminds me of how family is everything in Chinese culture, my culture. I'm not a family oriented person though so such tradition doesn't really hit home for me. STILL, there's something gold about this movie. Some people said it's a tear-jerker and while I understand how the movie can be extremely emotional, neither my boyfriend nor I shed a tear. There are some people who cried buckets though, leaving the theater with puffy, red eyes. I pretty much still think Disney's Fox and The Hound is the best tear-jerker Disney movie of all times. If you haven't watched COCO, I suggest you do it! It's definitely one of the best Pixar movies ever although you gotta survive 20 minutes of Frozen before the real thing plays.

How did your week go?

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