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Books Read This Year

Ever since I started using my Goodreads account more frequently, I decided to participate in the annual reading challenge. Earlier this year I was so positive that I could finished 20 books only to realize that I can't. It's a little bit upsetting though but what can I say, life happens. Since the year is coming to a close pretty soon, I decided to make a roundup post with a total of 15 books.

Clocked 024 | Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who are celebrating! My family and I don't celebrate Christmas but I've made an excuse to splurge for myself though I kind of feel guilty now for treating myself that much. In the mean time, I've decided to take three days leave from work so I can have next week off in full and not just on the 25th and 26th.

Things Anxiety Made Me Realize

Anxiety sucks and we know it sucks. But sometimes when we don't have a choice, we just have to let things happen. Let the tears flow, let the world knows how much you need to scream from the top of your lungs and be transparent with all the feelings bursting inside you. Once all the heart-wrenching emotions have flown away, I've come to realize certain things that are actually beneficial when seen from another perspective.

Preventing Mental Combustion

In my previous post I mentioned that I've been feeling down these past few days. When I feel down, chances are I'm going to be an emotional wreck prone to mental breakdown and explosive expression. If you're like me, you'll understand the unpleasant feelings of unleashing your emotional confusion towards others and then feeling extremely guilty afterwards. And for that reason I've been trying to come up with tips and tricks on how to handle it.

Mlkboard 008

It's been seven freaking months ever since I put up a moodboard! I used to keep this category strictly for design inspirations but maybe that's why I felt restricted and stopped posting for months. Which is why I'm giving this a rebirth by curating a general moodboard.

Clocked 023

It's been raining a lot recently but last week was insane. From the hormonal weather and its transition from bright and sunny to dark and rainy, finding public transportation after work was really difficult. On Friday, I had to wait for two to three hours just to get a cab!

Lifestyle Changes

I was heading towards Starbucks to grab their sandwich after work when a realization came to me just like that. It's been months ever since I last drank coffee. In fact, I don't remember when was the last time I actually had one. And then it hit me that all these months, I've made several good changes that have been overlooked because I've been living too fast.
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