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20 Nov 2017

My previous weekly summary post was quite gloomy and sad so I'm thrilled to tell you that this time, it's more laid-back and relaxing. It has been raining a lot these past few days and even though I love rain, it can get annoying due to thunderstorms and difficulty finding Uber.

+ It has been raining a lot so I have to bring my jacket all the time. Unfortunately, my jacket is of parachute material which means it won't keep me warm, only very slightly. This makes me want to buy a new jacket but at the same time, I'm afraid it's gonna be a waste since I don't use it very often.

+ I don't always enjoy the projects I was assigned to at work but last week was fun. I was told to design business card, custom e-money card and stickers for the company I work for. Even though I love doing design for the screens and that's basically what my role supposed to be, I do love doing print stuff once in a while. I actually miss designing magazine and publication layouts.

+ I'm still recovering from the gloomy feeling I felt from the week before and I'm still working on how to handle it. I try not to dwell so much on the evaluation and just work on improving myself for my own individualism and it has been pretty steady so far. I guess I'm trying the whole 'fake it til you make it' formula.

+ On Sunday, boyfriend and I went to Museum MACAN with our friends. Museum MACAN is an abbreviation to Modern Art and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (aka Indonesian archipelago) I'll be talking about this visit in a separate post so stay tune!

+ I have been brainstorming on some stuff for Hannah's zine project, Wild At Heart, which I'll be a part of (winkwink.jpg) We are currently doing a rough sketch on certain things like articles and ideas and I'm just so excited for this. I can't tell you what my role is going to be, if I'm part of the team or merely a frequent contributor, because I don't want to spoil things too much (even though I've spoiled the fact that I'm working on it with her) but yeah, I'm just so excited and pumped up for this. It's such an honor!

There was a food festival bazaar at the mall near my workplace and on Friday, boyfriend decided to pick me up from work and we both went to check the event out. It wasn't that interesting though, since most of the booths were about coffee, alcoholic beverages and other fancy food we're not interested in. BUT we did get our hands on Sweet Monster's real deep milk ice cream which was soooo flavorful and creamy! Even though it is said to be a 'pure milk ice cream' I don't think it's completely pure. My boyfriend said he tasted hints of caramel but eh, I don't think so. We bought the large sized and it was so decently priced — $2.44 / IDR 33,000! How awesome is that!

Justice League — 3.5/5

So, boyfriend and I got our tickets for Justice League. We wanted to watch it in premiere class because our debit card got a promo for it but unfortunately, tickets were sold out so we had to settle down with the regular 2D class. What a bummer. I was such in a bad mood because I've been waiting for Justice League and I wanted my experience to be almost perfect! If you didn't know, I'm a huge DC fan (not that I hate Marvel I just think Avengers is overrated) and Batman is one of my favorites. I also looooove Barry Allen / The Flash and Ezra Miller's version was so fun to watch! It's definitel not identical to Grant Gustin's TV series Flash but there's just something that's really similar. The bubbly, nerdy and "fanboying over senior superhero" characteristics were there and I love it. That's definitely how I remember my Barry Allen. Other than Ezra Miller, my attention was so focused on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman because obviously, she's the boss. Bruce Wayne might be the one to assemble the team but Wonder Woman is the boss, the heart and the voice of reason the team needs.

The movie itself, however, is imperfect. BUT that doesn't mean I don't like it. I'm not being biased because I admit that there are still flaws here and there. They could have done so much more and better, especially with the CGI but get this: it took three movies for Thor to be good and it took two movies for Avengers to be good (the first one sucks. Yes, fight me) so I still believe in future DCEU films regardless what people say. Immature Marvel fans can bitch about it all they want ass long as they let us DC fans enjoy what we like.

Also, do you know what we desperately need? A Flashpoint movie. A solo Barry Allen movie about the time he fucked up the entire universe. The Flashpoint arc is also a good way to reboot the DCEU though, kind of like what has been done to the X-Men film franchise.

So, do I like it? Yes, I do. Do I think it could be so much more? Yes, absolutely. Is it better than Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? Yes, without a doubt. Is Ezra Miller the perfect Barry Allen? YES HE IS.

In case you didn't know, I'm highly obsessed with KOI Cafe's macchiato. I know it's bad to drink sugar twice in a row but yeah, I did that. I have sinned and I kind of regret it but at the same I don't. I bought myself their black tea macchiato on Saturday and then their matcha macchiato on Sunday. Why am I so weak!? Is this how it is with people who are addicted to boba tea!? I understand you, fam.

I finally caught up with season 2 of Riverdale far so good, though sometimes I want to smack the parents in Riverdale (except Fred, Archie's dad, because he's such a good parent) and Betty for taking things into her own hands and playing detective. Then again, I have an on and off relationship with Betty. I'm not sure if I like her or not but I'm positive I don't dislike or hate her. I think I'm just so biased and protective over Veronica and of course, my redhead Queen Cheryl. I think most people who watch Riverdale ships and loves Bughead, Jughead or Betty but for some reason, I'm just neutral towards them. I guess I haven't found m love for them, together or as characters. Another thing is, I'm sticking with my opinion that Archie doesn't deserve Veronica but we'll see how things go. I can't wait for the next episode and discover who the Black Hood really is.

Side note, I've been loving the 40-60s vibe and Betty's ringtone (which is Lollipop by The Chordettes) is just so bubbly and creepy at the same time. Riverdale's aesthetic is just so on point!

New playlist

I created a new playlist dedicated to indie folk songs and songs I find fitting for when you are enjoying gentle breezy moments. I'm not sure why or how but I've been so addicted with creating playlists lately. If you are on Spotify, I'd love it if we can be mutuals — just search for nighthawk587 and you'll find me under the alias Elise Kingsleigh.

So what have you been up to lately?

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