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24 Oct 2017

A little bit late for a weekly summary post because I fell ill again yesterday and spent the whole day working remotely at home and rewatching Mean Girls and its trying-too-hard big failure of a sequel. 

Work + Life

+ I took a sick leave last Monday because my ulcer was acting up. I also had migraine and bloated stomach. Honestly, I can't remember what happened because I ate breakfast and lunch. I don't normally eat dinner unless I really need to. Even though my obsession wasn't as intense as it used to be, I'm still obsessed with not wanting to gain any weight. My back was also aching and my muscles were sore, aching and I desperately wanted to take a break. I kind of feel guilty and anxious though, afraid my supervisor might think I was faking it. No, I wasn't!

+ There are two new junior programmers in my office. I can't remember one of them but the other is a student from the same university I graduated in. He's currently in his 5th semester of studying information system but I'm not sure if he's a full timer or is an intern. Either way, I was kind of bummed because I think the company needs at least one more designer and not more programmers. I'm still the only designer here and ugh, don't wanna talk about it.

+ Last week rained so hard and so often. I don't remember how many times it rained but once it did, it was intense. I think the sight of lightning is beautiful but not when the thunder strikes. When I was a kid, I used to walk around the house with my hands over my ears or bury myself under the blanket. Now, I'm no longer as terrified but loud ones still make me jump a little.

+ My latest obsession is a hot roasted milk tea with 30% sugar and no topping (I stopped eating boba because they make me cringe now!) from Chatime. I was never a fan of Chatime even though they have the best taro milk tea in my opinion but who would have known their signature roasted milk tea is best served hot. Remember, 30% sugar and not more than that or it's gonna be sugar milk tea instead.

+ Mean Girls, especially Regina George is my role model and inspiration when it comes to sass. I will forever love that movie for fun and giggles or when I'm feeling sassy or bummed out. Mean Girls 2, however, sucks. It's so bland, dull and it tries so hard to be up there alongside its prequel. Ugh, no.

the 'waiting number' board from Amausaan Uji Matcha is so cute!


Boyfriend and I debated between watching Happy Death Day, Jackie Chan's The Foreigner or watched nothing at all. We settled down with just a casual stroll around the mall kind of date because neither of us wanted to watch either of those movies. It was actually surprising because he was quite intrigued by Happy Death Day when he first saw the trailer but I guess, since he's not into slasher thriller films, he decided to let it go. I personally don't care about either because slasher films are ridiculous in my opinion and The Foreigner sounds like another Taken rip-off.

chicken cutlet curry omelette rice (250g rice, Level 3) // IDR 77,000 (US$ 5.69) not incl. tax + service charge

We went to Coco Ichibanya for lunch because I was hardcore craving for some fried cutlets and Japanese curry. We walked past this restaurant a few times but never really gotten around to trying it. Some people said that the food there was pricey so I guess that kind of intimidated us. BUT, after I checked some reviews, some people also said that the portion is really fulfilling.

And guess what, the portion was fulfilling indeed! My boyfriend ordered a shrimp cutlet omelette rice and I got myself the ever so common chicken cutlet omelette rice. At Coco Ichibanya, you can determine your curry's level of spiciness. I chose level 3 "truly hot" and he chose level 4 "super hot." To say we got busy fanning ourselves was an understatement. I think we had to refill our ocha more than five times but it sooo was worth it! Speaking of, the level of spiciness is determined by the amount of black pepper added and not chili so if you are not a fan of black pepper, you can choose mild (perfect for people cannot stand any spiciness especially children) or standard. Additionally, you can also choose the size of your rice. By standard, 250g of rice will be served. Other options include 150g, 350g, 450g and even 550g. Prices will also vary depending on your customization.

Overall, it was a satisfying lunch. I personally love my boyfriend's shrimp cutlets more because my chicken cutlets felt like a betting game. Some of the cutlets were tender but others felt kind of too thick and not juicy enough. I guess when it comes to chicken, there's always a win or lose situation. The curry, on the other hand, was super generous! I mean, one whole big ass plate! That's something worth its price! The only advice I have is if only they could serve butter or tomato rice instead of only white rice.

Dessert at Amausaan Uji Matcha

This is the recently opened Japanese cafe that all matcha lovers need in their life or at least try at least once. The cafe, albeit small and can only fit very limited people, has such a cozy Kyoto vibe and is very comfortable when it's not jam packed with guests. Lucky for me, boyfriend and I managed to secure a seat. The service at Amausaan was pretty odd. We had to order and pay first before entering and securing the seats. I guess that's how it is in Japan? I wouldn't know since I've never been to Kyoto or Japan. The menu itself is just so tempting for matcha lovers; they have mille crepe, cheese cake, latte, ice cream and others that I cannot remember. My boyfriend and I ordered their signature Uji Matcha Iced Bamboo tube (IDR 52,000 / US$ 3.84) and Matcha latte float (IDR 56,000 / US$ 4.14)

+ Uji Matcha Iced Bamboo tube is a collection of dessert. Served in a cute, short bamboo tube, the bottom layer consists of shaved ice and red beans, followed by shiratama dango (glutinous rice balls) and roasted rice puff and topped with matcha gelato accompanied by whipped cream drizzled in caramel sauce. Everything in this bamboo tube compliments each other perfectly! The matcha gelato wasn't as strong as I wanted but it was perfect like that. The red beans, shaved ice and glutinous rice balls were A+, especially the red beans. Granted, since it is a matcha gelato, it doesn't taste as strong as I expected. This, however, can be perfect for people who love matcha but cannot stand its bitter taste.

+ Matcha latte float is more of a basic yet satisfying choice. On the surface, it doesn't look like anything special. But, once I've sipped it, it has the perfect matcha taste that I was looking for — not sweet but not extremely bitter either. It definitely has that true, matcha powder flavor but that doesn't mean it's sugarless. The sweetness is just A+ perfect. Served with matcha soft serve ice cream on top, this is the kind of matcha latte I need in my life.

+ A stupid customer kind of made the experience a little bit annoying, though. This inexperienced, uncultured middle aged man actually told the owner that the matcha is not sweet enough. It irked me so much because true matcha is not supposed to taste like sugar. I whispered to my boyfriend and told him, "how uncultured and stupid can a person be!?" and he agreed with me that the man's comment was really ridiculous. This is why people should stop thinking that Starbucks green tea is how a proper matcha should taste like, smh.

+ Overall, I would rate this place a fix 8/10. The price isn't necessarily cheap but for it's definitely worth the visit. I'll definitely return and probably get their soft serve cone next time.

The City Underwater playlist

I created a playlist inspired by my obsession for the Bioshock trilogy video games. The city in the first game, called Rapture is a massive underwater city 433 km west of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik hence the playlist's name. Most of the songs in this playlist are music and original soundtracks from the trilogy, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These songs are mostly jazz-y, something you'd hear from the 50s or 60s, back when art deco was a trend. I was actually quite surprised with myself since I was never a big fan of jazz music but video games do magical things to you, alright.

via unusualco

I've been super slow with my reading lately. Last month, I didn't get to finish any book and this month, I notice my really slow pacing. A part of me don't want to blame the book I'm currently reading because the beginning of this book was really interesting and fun but I feel like the reason I'm really slow with this book is due to its poor development and a lot of 'wtf just happened' moments. Those wtf moments weren't in a good way too and I'm just so, so sad about it because I was so, so intrigued by the summary when I first read it on Goodreads. I really don't want to give up on this book because I have reached the second half of it — 200 of 320 pages. A part of me wanted to give up because I can use the time to read other books but ugh, I don't know. I might drop it next month if I still cannot finish it and move on. I'm 3 books behind my Goodreads reading challenge and it's pissing me off!

That's all for last week's clock in. Until then!

How was your week?

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