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15 Oct 2017

Shoot, one week of no update? Apparently so. I've been so tired with real life situations lately that I decided to take a break. To be honest with you, I'm currently feeling congested and blergh but seeing how this blog is a responsibility of mine, I decided to update nonetheless.


I didn't blog about this but two weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed with my job that I had to run to the bathroom twice just to cry in silence. I used to be so excited for my job because the people I work with are nice and cool. Now, I'm so fed up that I've been quietly looking for a new workplace. The enthusiasm I felt when I first submitted my resume is now replaced by nothing but frustration and conflict. I feel restrained and being pushed around to do things that are not part of my job description. As a result, that makes me feel bummed and drained. The people I work with are cool, but the job? It's not. I feel restrained and limited and a little bit abused. Since I'm the only designer, I also feel like I have to carry all the burden both physically and mentally, another reason why I always go home feeling extremely tired and sore and another reason why I often fall sick. Maybe I'm too sensitive, maybe I'm a weakling crybaby. Whatever you wanna say, all I know is that I am 90% positive this isn't a phase and I hope, by the end of this year, I am able to find a new place.

Alright, enough depressing real life story about my messed up life. Let's move on.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle disappointed me

This happened two weeks ago but I had to sneakily insert this here. I watched this with my boyfriend and our group of college friends. We were very excited at first and I was totally waiting for that same old spark I felt from the first movie. Turns out, it's nothing like that. Aside from the controversial sex scene, I just don't think the sequel is up there alongside its prequel. Call me crazy but the only thing I enjoy from the Kingsman sequel was Julianne Moore's portrayal as Poppy Addams, the world's largest drug cartel's psychotic boss and the aesthetic of her "Poppy Land" private island. In my opinion, she is much a better villain than Samuel L. Jackson from the first movie. Aside from that, the plot was weak and nothing that fazed me. Other amazing actors like Channing Tatum and Halle Berry were barely in the spotlight either. The most upsetting thing for me was how they mistreated Sophie Cookson's character, Roxy / Lancelot. I don't want to spoil anything to anyone but really, this is nothing but a 3/5 movie at its best. I expected so much more because the prequel was a fun ride but eh, this is just a let down.

har gow / shrimp dumplings

youtiao (chinese fried doughnut / breadstick, also known as you char kway) wrapped in rice noodle rolls

xiao long bao / soup dumplings

egg tart is my childhood favorite!

All you can eat dim sum

On Saturday last week, boyfriend and I went to Grand Duck King, a mid-to-high range Chinese restaurant offering an all you can eat dim sum from 11:00 to 16:30. One person cost IDR 108,000 / US$ 8.04 (not including tax and service charge) and it was such a feast! We ordered quite a lot of stuff too and it was so worth it.

Here's what we ordered:

  • 3 portions of xiao long bao (4 pcs / portion)
  • 1 portion of har gow (4 pcs / portion)
  • 1 portion egg tart (2 pcs / portion)
  • 1 portion braised "phoenix claw" chicken feet (I forgot how many there were per portion!)
  • 2 portions shu mai (4 pcs / portion)
  • 1 portion youtiao rice noodle roll (also known as 'chee cheong fun' in Mandarin)

So yeah, we ate like beasts. Granted, we didn't get breakfast so we went to dim sum for brunch. One thing that upset me though is the fact that my boyfriend doesn't like egg tart! What kind of blasphemy is that, it's an insult to my childhood lol. But, the good news is, I made him fall in love with that youtiao rice noodle roll. Back in the day there were only shrimp filling or char siu filling for rice noodle roll in all dim sum restaurants. The first time I ate a youtiao filling rice noodle roll was in China about 4 years ago but it wasn't until recently did the dim sum restaurants in Indonesia serve this. In fact, I don't think all dim sum restaurants serve this.

A personal birthday gift

Yeah, I bought a birthday gift for myself. Isn't that lame and pathetic? Who cares. It was an excuse for me to get the Colourpop Yes Please palette because the world knows how much I'm into reddish, berry shades and how much I've been wanting to try out Colourpop's formula. And guess what, frick yeah Colourpop this is why people love you! I love this palette and have been using it for two weeks straight. Pigmentation and blendability are lovely too. 

Side note, this is considered as a dupe for Natasha Denona's stupidly expensive Sunset palette and I can definitely see why. My favorite beauty YouTuber, Kathleenlights compared this side by side and you can check it out here.

Blade Runner 2049 is a solid 8/10 for me

Yesterday, I dragged my boyfriend to the cinema so we could watch Blade Runner 2049. Prior to this, I forced him to watch the 1982 prequel so I don't have to explain anything afterwards, ha. I know that some ~special snowflake twitter activists~ and several articles have written reviews about how this movie doesn't treat women right yadda yadda yadda. In my opinion, I don't feel like this movie attacked my gender in any way. Some articles say criticize how even in 2049, women are still treated the same as we are now. In my mind, there are two types of people: those who watch movies and feel like movies are supposed to fulfill the right idealism as a mean to inspire (or as mere escape from harsh reality) and those who watch movies and want them to be as realistic as the situation we are facing right now. I belong to the latter. I personally think what this movie meant to say is, "this is our future is going to look like if we do not change the shit we are going through now — e.g. if we don't stop degrading women as nothing but sex mediums or if we don't stop categorizing women as lower than men" instead of "hey people, it's the future and we still think women are nothing but sex bots!" Personally, I don't bother seeing what twitter activists have to say because a). I don't have time to deal with pretentious, hypocritical and overly sensitive social justice warriors and b). twitter is a toxic place and I have enough shit to deal with. Of course, if an argument or opinion is valid, I'm willing to listen. It's just I'm not willing to browse them, in case I stumbled upon people who don't know what they're protesting for.

Aside from that, I love the sequel! It's darker and has more apocalyptic vibe which I find fitting for the era and year we are in now. Back in the 80-90s, people expected flying cars in 2017. Fast forward to now, it only makes sense to make this sequel looks serene and mysterious, as opposed to its brightly lit and neon vibe prequel. I also love Ryan Gosling's character and of course, his acting. I was never a huge Gosling fan but he was really good here!

I really recommend you to watch the 1982 prequel before watching this one though. It makes watching the sequel even more interesting. If you're not a fan of the original Blade Runner, you might get bored from a 163 minutes, slow paced film. Still, I find that it's worth it to watch both. Blade Runner is, after all, a cult favorite. Overall, I'm giving this a solid 8/10.

At the end of the day, I bought a royal milk tea from Tous Les Jours and it was....disappointing. Granted, it's not freshly brewed and came from a pre-packaged powder form. I enjoyed the fact that it's creamy but it can be too heavy for some people especially if you made a mistake of drinking it after lunch. The level of sweetness is a little too much for me to handle and it's sad how we cannot customize it.

Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural Season 3

"Hey ghouls~ the boys are here~" It's time for another season of Buzzfeed Unsolved and I'm so so so happy about this! My boyfriend and I are constantly talking about Buzzfeed Unsolved and using Shane's "hey demons, it's me. Ya boi." from time to time. I cannot wait for more supernatural episodes and see which haunted place they went to in the UK. I personally enjoyed Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime season 2 but the last episode, which was about the conspiracy theories to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, wasn't much of a "mic drop" material. Even so, I have to say that I really loved season 2 and my favorite cases were The Mysterious Death of The Boy in The Box, The Tragic Murder of JonBenet Ramsey and The Creepy Murder in Room 1046. As for the Supernatural cases, I love The Haunted Halls of Waverly Hills Hospital. Speaking of Shane and Ryan, they began selling their merchandise! My boyfriend and I really wanted the "Hey Ghouls" shirt and the hat (because it says "Wheeze" on the back!) but shipping fee is insane.

Playlist, curated

Recently, I've been enjoying creating new playlists over at Spotify. I've been renaming them because I'm fickle like that but hopefully this time, everything is permanent. If you are on Spotify and would like to be mutuals, leave me your username in the comments below! Judging how stressful life has been lately, I'd love to be nosy and discover more songs, artists and of course, playlists!

Last but not least...

Welcome to the new version of the blog! I purchased a new theme from Fearne Creative because Eve is extremely helpful and I looooove buying themes from her. I was torn between several other themes from several other stores at first but I thought about saving some cash so I can pay for my domain renewal. For such an affordable price, Eve made really lovely themes and I suggest you check her Etsy store out. I'm still sticking to a no sidebar kind of layout because a e s t h e t i c I want my readers to focus more on the content as opposed to what's poppin on the sidebar. Also tweaked the color scheme for a little bit because I'm fickle like that.

How was your week?

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