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3 Sep 2017

I excused myself from work on Monday this week thanks to my runny nose and burning eyes. Flu kind of sucks but it kind of excuse you from work so I kinda like it. Since Friday was public holiday, I got four days of weekend which was pretty sweet but not enough to have me sleep as long as I want. After all, a cat needs to sleep at least 15 hours per day and I think no amount of sleep will ever be enough for me.

On Tuesday, I met up with the boyfriend and we grabbed some uh, dinner(?) after work. We went to Saladstop, a healthy food chain from Singapore serving salad, wraps and grains. They also sell muesli, smoothie and other bottled drinks like Kombucha. For salad, wraps and quinoa, you can create your own by choosing from over 35 toppings, 15 premium toppings and 20 homemade dressings or choose a Signature flavor instead. If you choose to create your own, you get to choose your base (salad, wrap or quinoa), 6 regular toppings and one dressing option. Premium topping costs IDR 25k / US$2 per option which isn't necessarily cheap, in my opinion.

I chose to create my own wrap because I want it to perfectly fit my tastebud. I picked baked salmon as my premium topping because I always need something "meaty" in my salad and went with romaine lettuce, cherry tomato, double mushroom, grated egg, carrot. For the dressing, I picked Japanese miso because I wanted something light. Also, Asian dressings tend to have less calorie than Western ones like Ranch or Classic Caesar. As you can see, the "burrito" wrap was enough for two so I gave half of it to my boyfriend.

We also ordered their Berry Grapeful smoothie which contains banana, blueberry, strawberry, red grape and coconut water. It was refreshing but the fact that it contains red grape still irks me, especially because banana and berries are my ideal smoothie ingredients. Overall, it's a fitting place to grab some healthy snack or light dinner but it's definitely expensive for a growling stomach at noon.


Went on a date and grabbed some lunch from PIK Avenue's foodcourt. Boyfriend and I settled down at Zenbu and Beatrice Quarters which is basically two restaurants located on the same spot — weird? I know. Since it was during public holiday, it was quite crowded. Thankfully we didn't have to queue.

For lunch, boyfriend ordered the Kurobuta Burger from Beatrice Quarters and I got myself Zenbu's salmon mozaru. It's been years ever since I last had a mozaru from them and I'm so happy that they revamped their menu for the better. It was such a lovely lunch and my food was awesome! Everything was affordable as well so it was very satisfying. In fact, I think we have found our second favorite restaurant after Chir Chir Chicken Factory!

After we had lunch, I dragged my boyfriend to Banainai, a Taiwanese dessert house whose well-known specialty is their big bottle "healthy drinks" concept. It was super crowded when we entered because the world knows how much Indonesians love to visit Instagrammable places just for the hype. Boyfriend and I bought our drinks as takeaways though.

Boyfriend ordered their Mango Tango which is mango and soursop juice while I got myself the beautiful, blue and white gradient azzura milk. Honestly, one of the reasons why I bought it was due to its color. The taste, however, wasn't disappointing. It tastes like watery ice cream which, now that I think about it, sounds gross but trust me, it was quite lovely albeit a little too sweet. Before this, I didn't know what clitoria flower is (the name sounds kind of, uh... misleading, if you know what I mean) and when I googled it, I just realized that it's commonly known as Asian pigeonwings!

Other than their infamous bottled drinks, Banainai also sells fresh fruit-based popsicles, snow ice desserts and side dishes like chicken feet and dumplings. Unfortunately, boyfriend and I weren't interested in them — because obviously dim sum tastes better from a dim sum restaurant.

I found this cat as I left Bananai. It was such an adorable cat too! I'm not sure if it's a she or a he but the cat certainly wasn't stray. It had a collar around its neck and even approached my boyfriend when he called. The cat also allowed us to stroke its head and it. was. so. fuzzy. I cannot. ((screams in spanish)) Plus, when I wanted to take a few snapshots, the cat actually plopped itself!



So... my boyfriend bought Black Desert Online (first and second) and Dishonored 2 for me and I've been playing these two games quite a lot, though I wouldn't say every single day. He knew how much I've been wanting to play Dishonored 2 ever since it came out but couldn't do so because a). the game is still not cracked and b). it was too expensive. When it went on sale, he bought it for me. The same thing for Black Desert Online, an open world MMORPG whose character creation system is undoubtedly amazing. I haven't explored the world of Black Desert much but so far, it has been pretty enjoyable. I really need to step up my game (no pun intended!) and play more often though.

See, this is definitely the perks of dating someone who's also a gamer like you (winkwink)

I just realized how my weeks, or my life actually, aren't interesting enough to be reviewed often. I just don't know if this Check Ins series is really worth the time or the space on my blog. I mean, is this even interesting? My life isn't particularly adventurous or fascinating! But eh, maybe I'll keep doing this because after all, bloggers should write whatever they want to share, right?

How was your week?

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