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#FoodFilms by David Ma

It's been a long time ever since I last featured an artist or a talent on my blog and I wish to change that. By doing more often, I hope more people could feel inspired and have their creativity fueled. Today's featured artist is David Ma, a food stylist slash film maker who made you wonder what it's like to watch a Wes Anderson movie about making s'mores.

Black Mirror Season 1: A Review

I took a week off from blogging because I wasn't feeling creative. I was stuck in a rut and still am so I took the time to nourish and pamper myself by watching stuff, to distract myself temporarily. Following this short one-week break, I decided to marathon all three seasons of Black Mirror, a show I have been postponing a lot of times because I wasn't up for something intense. But, to say I was amazed is not enough. I am in love with this show.

Clocked 017 | Lost Diagnosis

To summarize, this week is both stressful and exhausting. The fact that I had to deal with numb uncertainty, unbalanced emotional roller coaster and a few unfortunate incidents kind of made me want to lie down and not write a post. Still, here I am, seated on my desktop and typing things out because this blog is, after all, my responsibility.


These past few days I woke up with a heavy heart and realizing that I haven't been enjoying my job the way I did when I first started working. I found myself losing interest in everything, from playing video games to watching movies to fooling around with the boyfriend. My eyes are open but I can't feel a thing. I am but a walking dead man wondering around thinking if this is just one of those depressive days or my transition into facing a quarter life crisis.

The Liebster Award

Shanae nominated me for the Liebster Award! I think this is my third nomination (I was nominated twice years ago but when I moved my blog, the posts got deleted) and I'm so honored to be nominated. Honestly though, this is so flattering to know that there are people out there who actually like my blog. Thank you, I mean it. Now, off to answer some questions.

Clocked 016 | Fridate, Food & Photogenic Cat

I excused myself from work on Monday this week thanks to my runny nose and burning eyes. Flu kind of sucks but it kind of excuse you from work so I kinda like it. Since Friday was public holiday, I got four days of weekend which was pretty sweet but not enough to have me sleep as long as I want. After all, a cat needs to sleep at least 15 hours per day and I think no amount of sleep will ever be enough for me.
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