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20 Aug 2017

This week was a major roller coaster where it started out good and relaxing but ended with a huge bomb of stress and frustration. But, if I were to pick one major highlight, it's how I just turned 22 on Aug 15. I don't like admitting it but I'm 22 now and that sucks. People still think I look somewhere between 15~17 years old so that's good. I myself don't feel like anything changed in particular and birthdays, for me, were never something I'm so excited about.

August 15

At work

My co-workers congratulated me and my boss asked me what food I wanted to eat. It's a tradition in my office where the birthday girl or boy gets to choose what to eat for him/herself and everyone in the office. I picked pizza because I was craving for it and so we ordered two large boxes of Dominos pizza in tuna delight and chicken mushroom and cheesy garlic bread. My boss also bought me a slice of red velvet cake to formalize the day. I forgot to take a picture of the pizza and the cake because everyone at work was too engrossed with the food.

After work

I met up with my boyfriend after work so we could have a mini celebration. It wasn't anything grand but we went to Pancious and ate pasta because I was craving for some penne. I ordered Snapper & Anchovies penne (IDR 80,500 / US$6.03) and he, a Hot Tuna Fettuccine (IDR 66,000 / US$ 4.94)

My boyfriend's hot tuna fettuccine actually tastes better than my penne mainly because my snapper fish felt too dry to my liking, almost too crispy if that is even possible. It's the reason why even though I loved my pasta (because my favorite is pesto and anything cooked with garlic and olive oil, like aglio olio!), I had to rate it 8.5/10. I make sure I will get the hot tuna one the next time I visit this restaurant.

Complimentary pancakes

When we — H and I — went to Pancious, we weren't thinking about finding a restaurant with special offers. Turns out that they were serving complimentary dessert pancake for birthday individuals. Boy was I lucky. The complimentary pancakes were quite generous, to say the least; three stacks of pancake served with whipped cream and a strawberry on top. Since I'm someone who cannot eat pancakes without maple syrup, I requested for some and they were generous to give it for free! I didn't know we could ask free maple syrup from Pancious, what a luck!

Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows duology!

Thank the boyfriend for giving me this. A month before my birthday, I was going back and forth debating whether I should buy the duology or save my cash. I've been doing every single time he and I went on a date and we stopped by the bookstore. I actually joked about asking for the duology as a birthday present and guess what, my boyfriend actually got this for real. I was beyond excited — I was basically a grinning mess, like when The Grinch decided to steal Christmas. I actually guessed this a few days before when he insisted for me to wait before buying the duology but still, I am beyond happy. Gotta love it when your dude knows how much of a bookworm you are (wink)

I bought a cake!

So yeah, I bought a cake for such an affordable price — at least I think it's affordable and sensical. All I can say is that this was such a delicious, fluffy cake with generous fresh cream that isn't overly sweet to the point of making you sick. Even my boyfriend who generally dislikes whipped cream thinks this is a lovely cake so there you go, it's confirmed to be delicious. If there's anything about birthday that I enjoy is when I get to eat cake.

Aug 17, public "Independence Day" holiday

Boyfriend and I went out with my parents to have the "official celebration" for my birthday. I chose 3 Wise Monkeys, a sushi restaurant serving both a la carte and all you can eat sushi buffet. The all you can eat package costs IDR 234,000++ / US$ 17.51 per person and the restaurant serves fresh, cube-sized sashimi as well as sushi. We ordered 200 salmon sashimi, 50 tuna sashimi, 50 aburi salmon sashimi drizzled in truffle sauce and a lot others I cannot remember. The only thing I regret was how I didn't repeat my order for the salmon sashimi. I know 200 pieces probably sounded enough but it's not for me! I'm that greedy when it comes to salmon, sorry not sorry. One simply does not eat enough sushi, especially salmon.

Aug 19, the unfortunate thievery

Boyfriend and I were supposed to go to my manager's wedding on this day but the plan had to be cancelled because someone, a Chinese dumbfuck, stole my mom's phone. Long story short, this guy pretended to be a customer who wanted to order food (because my house's front yard was renovated into a small casual eatery) and he went to ask my dad if he could borrow the restroom which, by the way, is located inside my house so technically speaking, if strangers go to the restroom, they are entering our house. It's that simple. After he was done pretending to need a restroom, he went out to the front yard again and lied, saying that he wanted to meet a friend outside. This was the time he escaped with his motorcycle.

Let me show you a diagram to make things easier.

Blue = restricted area
Grey = area where customers & strangers are allowed
White = neutral area but is not permitted to strangers & customers
Yellow = doors / gates

Now you might be saying that it's my mom's fault for misplacing her phone. I'd say that's not entirely wrong but isn't entirely right either. You see, if my dad did not allow the stranger to use our house's restroom, he wouldn't see my mom's purse and phone. As you can see, beyond the red line is where customers aren't allowed access. The white area in the diagram is considered neutral because even if customers can see the people who sit by those chairs, they are still not allowed to sit there. The chairs in the white area are only for us, not strangers so frankly speaking, if my dad wasn't so careless, this crime wouldn't have happened.

Fortunately, my boyfriend was present when this happened. We were messing around in our room when my dad freaked out and called me. Everyone in the house panicked and my mom was devastated. My boyfriend then did all the tech work by locking down the stolen phone through Google, removed and disconnected all the apps associated with said phone. My mom, boyfriend and I then went to the XL Center so my mom could have her phone number blocked and replaced. In the end, I had to text my manager and apologized for not being able to attend his wedding. He was very understanding about it. I still feel kinda awful though.

In case you're wondering why I had to press on the thief's race, read my tweets over here. There's a reason why I had to emphasize him for being Chinese. It really disgusts me because I'm also Chinese and incidents like this are one of the reasons why in Indonesia, Chinese gets the reputation of being possible thieves and scammers.

Regardless of the roller coaster ride, I'm still so thankful for the one and only birthday present I received and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the widely acclaimed Six of Crows.

Until the next Check Ins post, then.

How was your week?

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