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13 Aug 2017

pistachio x black charcoal gelato

It's been a month ever since I last wrote a Check Ins post! I'm not sure why I was so lazy to write a weekly highlight last month, probably because nothing superbly awesome happened so I didn't bother. Anyway, enough talk and let's just sink our teeth into this week's boring summary.

Work has been stressful

I don't really want to talk about real life or work now since I've had stressful days lately. All I can say is now that I'm done with my 3-months probation, I'm still an employee so there you go, folks... Your girl ain't fired and that's some good news. Aside from that, the others are mostly exhausting things to deal with; one, a coworker who sometimes annoys the crap out of me and two, being the only designer in the company, I have quite the heavy responsibility to grow as a lead designer in training, something that has been stressing me out since I don't think I'm improving at all (even though my supervisor-slash-manager said he is seeing improvements) but me being myself, I don't believe that and feels like I haven't pushed myself enough.

I got free samples!

My boss got free samples from Eternaleaf, a local brand selling beauty and skincare products, for a review in exchange but instead, gave them to me. He said since he doesn't use these kinds of things, it'd be such a waste to keep them. Plus, he won't be able to review any of the product if he's only going to let these interestingly orange tinted products to collect dust. I think since everybody at work knows I have blog, my boss decided to give them to me in exchange for a review. If I remember correctly, Eternaleaf is also planning to have us design and develop a mobile app for them. Regardless, though I'm not going to get paid for writing a review, I'm thankful for free products.

As far as I know, these products do come out orange. They are also formulated with Papua's red fruit which is high in antioxidant and contains other beneficial ingredients such as alpha tocopherol, beta carotene, selenium and omega-3, 6 and 9. The Special Package set, which retails for US$ 26.19 / IDR 350,000, contains body bath, moisturizing shampoo and body body lotion. I can't wait to test them out soon!

signature (pork) abura soba (top) & karame ontama abura soba (bottom)

Yamamoten Abura Soba

Boyfriend and I went to get hot soba for lunch at Yamatoten. Yes, a hot soba exists. I personally prefer hot soba as opposed to cold ones, especially when they are served with bamboo shots, sliced pork, dried seaweed, spring onions and sesame seeds. Yamatoten served their soba in two options, pork and/or chicken therefore making it safe for Muslims who crave for delicious soba. I ordered their signature pork Abura Soba (US$ 5.01 / IDR 67,000) while H ordered the pork Karame Ontama Abura Soba (US$ 5.39 / IDR 72,000) which is similar to mine but with added half boiled egg and seasoned with spicy miso sauce. For such a decent price, Yamatoten's portion is a satisfaction!

Movie Date: War of The Planet of The Apes


After lunch, we bought tickets for War for The Planet of the Apes and we really, really love it. Both of us gave it a solid 4/5 and we really love the plot, the effects, the cinematography and directing — basically everything, I guess? I'm always so in awe every time the titular character Caesar (motion captured and played by Andy Serkis) is on screen — I mean look at those fur details! Dang, son. The CGI is marvelous! I can't. My digital designer side is tingling for a polished 3D animation and graphics. As for the story, both of us love that the line between good and evil is really blurred out. If you have watched the previous two films, you'll know what I'm talking about. All in all, if you have watched Rise and Dawn, you definitely need to watch War.

After the movie, we went to eat dinner at Pepper Lunch where I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of what we ate. I also bought myself a matcha macchiato from KOI Cafe which is, of course, a staple obsession of mine.

Fickle Friends

80s synth pop? Check. Awesome music? Check. I stumbled upon this band on Spotify and boy, was I glad I did. This song in particular, Swim, reminds me of Pool from Paramore's latest album, After Laughter. In fact, Fickle Friends as a band feels like if After Laughter takes on a form of human beings. Check them out over at Spotify!

Teen Wolf Season 6B

It's finally heeeereeee! The final 10 episodes are finally heeeere and I cannot not freaked out about it. If you follow me on Twitter, I think you've seen me tweet about Teen Wolf quite a lot of times, particularly for Stydia (so if you're a Stydia hater, don't talk to me — just kidding but really though, respect each other's ships, shall we) On the other hand, I'm kinda rooting for Scott and Malia to be together because they actually fit so well and I'm surprised? I didn't like season 4 Malia and how the show forced her character down our throat like that but season 5~6 Malia has developed a lot and I have grown to accept and like her. She is definitely more than just the coyote who's all over her human anchor now and it's definitely refreshing to see.

Also, why can't we have Stiles to, at the very least, call Lydia? Geez. Dylan doesn't have to be a regular cast but they should be able to act like LDR couples, okay. 


For someone who used to play video games almost every single day, I haven't been keeping up for months. I can go on weeks without touching any game at all and would rather be on my bed, browsing my phone or napping. Recently, however, I am willing to change that (because I have a few games I need to finish!) and so, I went back to playing Paladins for a little bit. This is a free to play, first person shooting game that is often compared to Blizzard's Overwatch. I personally don't give a damn because I only play for fun. Plus, Overwatch isn't free and I'd rather spend my cash on other games instead. If you are a PC gamer, has Steam account and/or would like to play Paladins, do not hesitate to add me! I need more friends to play Paladins with, sobs.

That's it for this week's Check Ins post. Not a lot of interesting stuff to be honest but eh, I don't really have a particularly fascinating life to begin with.

How was your week?

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