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I Am Not An Artist

The most common (and not to mention, annoying) question I get from people who knew my profession is this: "since you are a graphics designer, can you draw and paint?" The answer is no, I cannot. That's because I am not an artist, I'm a designer. Even if I am able to draw, it will never be anything along the line of a painter. I doodle, I sketch but I don't paint. This frequent misconception is the reason why I decided to write this post and to explain the differences between a visual communication designer and a graphic artist, even if the two look really similar on the surface.

Book Reviews #02

I've been trying to quicken my reading pace lately so I can complete my Goodreads reading challenge before the year ends. I have set 20 books as a goal this year but if I can read more, that'd be so much better. So far, I've been doing a pretty decent job keeping up with the schedule despite my exhaustion from work. The books I'm going to review today were books I've read from the month of May up until recently.

Clocked 015 | (Not) Feelin The Twenty Two

This week was a major roller coaster where it started out good and relaxing but ended with a huge bomb of stress and frustration. But, if I were to pick one major highlight, it's how I just turned 22 on Aug 15. I don't like admitting it but I'm 22 now and that sucks. People still think I look somewhere between 15~17 years old so that's good. I myself don't feel like anything changed in particular and birthdays, for me, were never something I'm so excited about.

'Strong Female Characters'

Ah, the cliche. We see this concept every single day in books, in films and in other pop culture medium. It's the stereotype where physical strength becomes the factor to determine how capable a female character is when really, this kind of trope is nothing but rubbish.

Clocked 014

pistachio x black charcoal gelato

It's been a month ever since I last wrote a Check Ins post! I'm not sure why I was so lazy to write a weekly highlight last month, probably because nothing superbly awesome happened so I didn't bother. Anyway, enough talk and let's just sink our teeth into this week's boring summary.

True Crime Obsession

Ever since my boyfriend got me hooked on Buzzfeed Unsolved, a channel featuring unsolved crime and supernatural cases, I have been browsing for true crime related things to watch on YouTube. There is something interesting and mind-boggling from watching unexplained cases and strange happenings around us. It reminds me that this world extends far beyond the existence of human beings. If you ask me, "do you believe me in aliens?" the answer is yes, yes I do. I also believe that this universe is shared between us and the unknown.

warning — while the videos featured here are mainly crime/mystery related, these channels do contain supernatural cases from time to time. If you are easily spooked, you might also want to watch these cold cases in broad daylight.


An anchor is someone who shares an emotional connection with you, someone who can bring you back and keep you grounded; someone whose touch does not burn your skin, whose kisses and hugs and warmth allow you to breathe despite standing in the middle of what feels like a battlefield made of Life. An anchor is more than just a fictional myth found in Teen Wolf. It's real and I know it.


I recently deleted quite a few of my posts. It felt like a clean slate though not literally. These posts I used to proudly write, I find that I no longer feel the same way about them. A 2-hour post I used to put all my effort into now feels soulless, bland and unfitting to the atmosphere I want my blog to convey. As I deleted most of my old posts, I have been thinking about the changes in this community.
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