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5 Jun 2017

I got my first paycheck on Monday, June 29th and it felt sooo good! Like I finally accomplished something, like I have the power and control to actually treat myself and give something to my mother in return. It feels like unlocking an achievement and I'm not even exaggerating.


In my previous Check Ins post, there was a Thursdate. This week, there's another one. Apparently, May and June are filled with public holidays on Thursdays....which is annoying because I still have work the next day. Regardless, this week's Thursdate was well spent by watching Wonder Woman. I am in loooove with Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and I am in loooove with the movie overall. The directing was amazing, the music and actions too. I can't even. (See, I'm practically fangirling and I can't seem to word my feelings properly.)

Wonder Woman — 9/10

Speaking of Gal Gadot, there are salty articles online and people slamming her as Diana Prince and it's all because "she is a Zionist who supports Israel in the Israel vs Palestine war." Now, I am not going to tell you to ignore this political agenda because it doesn't matter when it is. It does matter. But I personally don't feel like merging art and political issues and I will not punish, hate or bash Gal Gadot for her perspective and beliefs. In a war, nothing is black and white. The reasons and causes behind wars are always standing on a grey area so even if you point your finger on Gal Gadot for what she believes in, it doesn't make you a flawless human being. It just means you have your own perspective, opinions and integrity. Netizens need to understand that just because she is a public figure doesn't mean she should harbor the same opinion regarding everyone else. Keep in mind that I'm saying this in the context of war and not other topics (like racism, sexism, etc) because when it comes to war, there is no exact right or wrong. I do not side with Israel or Palestine and I'm here to state the obvious, that war will always be a fugly mess that stands within a grey area and there is no pure good or evil on the battlefield. I can say I support abortion and people who go against it will come at me so yeah, nobody really ever wins. I also found a good comment regarding this issue if you are interested.

Like I said, I cannot tell you what to do or think; if you are someone who, like every pretentious hypocritical screaming social justice warriors on the internet, is against Gal Gadot then don't watch the movie. Simple as that. But if you are someone like me who wants to watch a badass, awesomely directed superhero movie and appreciate art individually then get your tickets ASAP because I rate this a solid 9/10. I might go as far as to say that this will be one of the best DC solo movies, just like when Marvel brought Captain America to life.

Food adventures

Boyfriend and I went to Sukiya Gyudon for lunch. This is slowly becoming our favorite place if we want to have some beef bowl and we actually love it more than Yoshinoya. With a price range that doesn't differ much from Yoshinoya, Sukiya offers a wider variety of menu and a bigger portion at that so really, I find them to be way more worth it.

I ordered their oyakodon chicken katsu with additional gyoza set served with miso soup and cold, refillable ocha. While my favorite menu from Sukiya is their curry rice line-up, the oyakodon chicken katsu wasn't bad at all. The thing with oyakodon is that I always need additional soy sauce and chili powder or else everything will taste bland. As for the gyoza, it wasn't out of this world amazing. Overall, it was a delicious lunch and I'm craving for it again now it's crazy!

First paycheck splurge

I don't always say this out loud but I've always wanted the Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost palette because a). I think it is quite a dupe for the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette that I cannot afford yet (and probably won't because I'm still a cheapskate when it comes to makeup) and b). 35 shades with 7 versatile "transition" shades of peachy browns? Sign me up!

After going back and forth between the 35F annd 35O palette, I decided to just settle with this one because of those cranberry, reddish shades.

the shades i marked with * are my favorites!
Can you see how beautiful this is!? Ugh, okay. Calm down, self.

If you know me, I'm someone who loves effortless, minimal makeup look on the daily but once in a while I love to wear colors on my eyes. The only colors I will ever use are browns, burgundy and plums, peaches and pinks. Golds are okay but I don't wear them a lot since I don't like yellow.

I know that Morphe is so overrated and I personally don't think it's a 11/10 palette. The matte colors at the bottom row aren't as strongly pigmented as the shimmers but they're easy to blend so I don't really want to complain. As for the shimmer shades, they are insane and beautiful. Even so, I still think Morphe palettes are such a bargain if you want colors in your makeup collection but don't feel like splurging too much.

Mom's Birthday Cake

Today as I'm typing this post is my mom's birthday. I decided to buy her a cake from Colette & Lola which is my favorite place when it comes to buying whole cakes. It's such a nice, proud feeling to be able to give her something in return using my own money that I have earned myself. I was planning to also buy her a scarf as birthday gift but she told me to save my money even when she knew I bought her a cake so maybe I'll do that next year (when I have saved up more.)

The cake, called Berry Blush, is an adorable baby pink insanity for strawberry lovers. It's a light vanilla chiffon cake filled with strawberry jelly and fruits, yoghurt mousse and fresh cream. The outer part of the cake feels chewy, almost jelly-like while the insides feel soft and fluffy with a balanced mixture of sweet and sour.

Even though my dad said he prefers a chocolate cake (and I told him it's not his birthday anyway), my mom and our dog love this cake nonetheless. Then again, dogs love basically anything and everything so that might have been invalid, heh.

How did your week go? Tell me about it!

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