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22 May 2017

I'll be honest here: if it wasn't for my job, I don't think I'd have any May moodboard at all. I just realized how I haven't been wasting my life browsing Pinterest and other sites looking for visual inspirations. For some reason, I wasn't feeling it this month — curating stuff, I mean. BUT, lo and behold, I'm going to share with you some cool user interface design.

Right, as some of you might know, I am and I work as a UI / UX designer in a web and mobile development company. In case you are not familiar with what this role is, it basically means I design digital product such as websites and mobile applications from scratch. While UI, which stands for user interface, is not UX (user experience), they work and compliment each other in order to achieve a successful end product. I will also say that a web designer is NOT identical to a UIX designer so calling me a web designer is not entirely accurate. In short, UX designer is responsible for how the product feels while UI is responsible for how everything is laid out.

If you are curious about the differences, read this article.

Moving on; as of now, I am currently working on a mobile application design prototype (or as we call it, "proof of concept") which will be pitched towards the client somewhere around this week. If the client likes what we have to offer (in terms of both the app's content, user flow and design), there is a chance that you might see my work on Google Play or the App Store.

Anyway, the concept, which was given to us by the client himself, borders between a crowdfunding and a community app. The idea itself is to invite and support young adults as a community to build and create a socially effective creative campaign. For user flow references, I have downloaded a lot of forum and community apps such as Qlue, Tapatalk, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and of course, Reddit. I personally love the Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Reddit apps most for their design and functionality.

I know what you're thinking: all of them are white dominated! Yes, yes they are. If you think about it, most mobile applications today are white dominated and the reason for that is because white creates a powerful, endless design base. It's clean, it's flexible and it never goes out of style. A white design is also known to give off the illusion of "more room to breathe."

Speaking of UI and UX, I am planning to write a dedicated post about what it's like to be a UIX designer, what we really do and what people think we do, the misunderstandings and all that. Since this is still a fairly new field within the design industry, a lot of people tend to misinterpret us as web designers or developers or even programmers who speak in Javascripts! I also came across some graphic designers who asked me about the basics in UIX designer and whatnot. I don't know when the post will be up but hopefully soon.

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