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14 May 2017

First check ins post in May? Uh oh, my bad. I just didn't have anything fun to post for last week's check ins so if I don't have anything to say, I'm not going to talk about it. But, for this week, I do have some bits and bobs here and there. Enough chatterbox, let's just get on with it.


Since this was my first week as an employee in a startup company, my weekdays were spent on nothing but werkwerkwerkwerkwerk (sing this in Rihanna's tune, I tell you) so there wasn't much to say other than my assignment to design an infographic and me watching tutorials of Sketch app. Fun fact, the company I worked at also provided me with an iMac so I don't have to bring my own macbook to the office. Pretty cool, huh.


Went on a date with the boyfriend on Thursday since it was Vesakha / Buddha Day which is considered a national holiday in my country. Even though both of us feel exhausted from work, we think meeting each other is worth the sacrifice. Unlike most couples who see each other so often (once per week at best), we don't really go for that kind of regulation so when we get the chance to do it, it becomes a more precious and valuable thing.

Chir Chir Chicken Factory

My boyfriend was craving for chicken so he took me to the north area and we settled down at Chir Chir Chicken Factory, a Korean restaurant specializing in chicken dishes served with a modern fusion twist. We ordered their roasted chicken garlic served with baked potato and half boiled egg wrapped in aluminium foil. The garlic seasoning was on point, the chicken was tender, juicy and quite huge. As a result, we didn't ordered anything else other than this because despite what you think from the photo, this is a huge portion meant to be shared for two people! For IDR 169,000 / $13, it was definitely worth the bill. Both of us agree on one thing: we will definitely revisit.

Speaking of Chir Chir, if you live in Singapore then you are in luck because they are also available in your country. But if you happen to live in Indonesia, I suggest sticking to the Indonesian branch because I heard the one in Singapore costs much more expensive.


After lunch, we went to the nearest mall around the area. The mall we went to was PIK Avenue, a new shopping center that is slowly becoming my favorite spot to satisfy my craving for Japanese food. Even though it's a fairly new hangout spot with no cinema yet, a lot of people seem to enjoy it nonetheless. We strolled around without any destination in mind for a few hours (yes, my boyfriend and I do this a lot) before thinking about sushi. One place that caught my attention was Sushi Go!, a very affordable sushi bar eatery located near the mall's Dotonbori Foodtown food court. Packed with free refillable ocha and unlimited wasabi, every sushi plate is priced at IDR 15,000 / $1.13 and we can either order it on paper or simply take our desired sushi from the conveyor belt. I personally think it's better to order from paper because the conveyor belt was pretty much empty and the choices were so limited it's boring.

I forgot to snap a picture of every sushi we ate because we were too focused on our delightfully warm and fresh salmon belly sushi. We also ordered our favorite salmon aburi sushi and tried a plate of minced tuna with chili oil nigiri. I'm not sure if boyfriend enjoyed the minced tuna because he thought it was kinda weird but I personally love it. Then again, I'm a cat and I love most fish.

For such an affordable price, I will excuse some of its flaws — small portion and small cut sashimi, rice that isn't sticky enough in my opinion and pretty slow service (granted, it was crowded that day.) I also think that this place is perfect for those who crave for sushi yet only want to have a quick meal. It's definitely not a place for famished folks who want to have heavy meal.

Koiyaki Ice Cream

At the end of the day, we decided to get the Japanese soft serve ice cream from Koiyaki which can be found inside the food court. Both of us bought the large sized cone (IDR 25,000 / $2) because the price difference isn't that great. He got the original Hokkaido Milk flavor while I got myself the Uji Hojicha one. He thought mine tasted weird but said it was the good kind of weird.


Random bites

The Hoppers Drink

Went to a bazaar event yesterday and saw this adorable bottle from The Hoppers Drink. They are an online shop that sells bottled coffee, milk and iced tea drinks. The polar bear you see on the label is Taro, their mascot and he is squirming because lemon is supposedly sour....right?

Not really. The fresh honey lemon I bought from The Hoppers booth felt more sweet than sour. I personally love honey so I have no complaints about it. I also find the amount of honey added into the lemonade to be perfectly fine thus making it safe for people with gastric ulcer.

Price: IDR 25,000 / $2

Pepper Lunch

It's been a while ever since I ate Pepper Lunch. I ordered their double hamburg steak with egg, served with a bowl of white rice and vegetables as side dish. For this dish, there is also an option between onion or brown sauce. I personally prefer the more runny onion sauce more than the creamy brown one. As for the hamburg steak, they're sizzling with juicy tenderness. While I don't eat beef very often, this is one of my all time favorite Pepper Lunch menu.

Price: IDR 96.354 / $7.23 — it's quite pricey in my opinion, which is why I don't go here often.

Shigeru Japanese Fresh Deli

Another gem from PIK Avenue's Dotonbori Foodtown food court, Shigeru sells a plentiful loads of Japanese food from snacks to rice bowls to sushi set. I tried their salmon sashimi last week and they were hella delicious like ugh dayuuum, look at those thick slices! The sashimi was perfectly cut, very fresh and chewy too.

Price: IDR 59,000 / $4.43

That's it for this week's summary. I haven't been watching a lot of things other than catching up with The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. As for music, I have been listening to All Time Low's latest single, Life Of The Party and nothing else.

And now it's your turn...

How did your week go?

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