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4 Apr 2017

Excuse me for the morphing banana picture you see above. I promise this is not a NSFW post and it's completely safe for you to read this during work hours. After all, this is just Mlkboard, a column featuring boards of selected artworks that will hopefully boost your creative juice.

As a child, I used to imagine everyday objects as something else. For instance, a coconut shell is an alternative helmet and a seashell is a miniature fan for little elves. I feel a sense of peculiar amusement when everyday objects are used and combined to create a new form of art, a replica to imitate as a way of re-imagination.

You will understand what I'm trying to say once you see them for yourself.

images via pinterest & paul fuentes (for thorough sources, please visit each image from pinterest and you will be redirected and for more creative inspiration, feel free to follow my pinterest)

I'm sure you've seen these kinds of photos floating around Instagram or Pinterest. I'm not sure what to call them myself so if you know, please tell me if they have a proper terminology. All I know is how much I love them for aesthetic references to boost my creativity. Not only do these ideas are very smart (I mean, chocolate bars as an eye shadow quad and banana to symbolize censorship?), they are also created and assembled with underlying metaphors.

Do you like them too? Which one of these is your favorite?

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