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23 Apr 2017

The B in F&B stands for books, not beverage. That's the truth.


Discovered a new hangout spot with my family located in West Jakarta. The place, called PHX Grogol, is filled with nothing but eateries and food booths. It's not really a plaza but it's definitely not a mall either. Rather, the concept is an indoor, ground-level food court with 'fun container' architecture set-up. It's a cool place with both outdoor and indoor, air conditioned seats. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to snap some pictures and all I did was post an Instagram story recording the place. Ugh, my bad.

Nonetheless, the reason why my family and I went to this place was to check out Burgushi, a food stand famous for selling burgers with sushi fillings. The name Burgushi is basically a mashup abbreviation of Burger x Sushi. The booth itself is painted in black and white, completed with a Japanese fox art and chalk writings. It looks so minimalist I love it!

While their menu does not have a ton of choices, their menu is really interesting. One of their burgers, which may even be their most popular one, is the Soka Tobiko burger. The Soka Tobiko burger consists of soka crab, tobiko (flying fish roe) and creamy coleslaw. Unfortunately, the item was sold out so I couldn't try it at all.

Since the Soka Tobiko is out of stock, I decided to go for the Salmon Mentai burger which consists of salmon, pollock roe and creamy mayonnaise. The burger itself costs me IDR 35,000 / US$2.63. In my opinion, it is decently priced because when you consider its ingredients, salmon and pollock roe are not cheap!

Okay first of all, sushi burger is awesome! I'll admit that I was skeptical about sushi burger the way I've always been so skeptical about sushi on top of pizza. I mean, I couldn't imagine how they would taste, you know? But Burgushi made it so believable and delicious! Their bun was also super soft and delicate. For me, a good hamburger needs a good, fluffy chewy bun. More than the bun, I really love the grilled salmon, the pollock roe and the perfect mayonnaise that tied everything together.

As for the size, I have to admit that it is pretty small. My mother thinks the burger is a little pricey, to which I understand. Even so, I always remind myself that they are using sushi ingredients and again, salmon is not cheap. Besides, for IDR 5,000 / US$0.38, I can have a refillable ocha so that's a plus.

aburi tuna burger

beef wakame burger

My mother ordered Burgushi's Aburi Tuna Burger which consists of sliced tuna, kyuri (or what we call the Japanese cucumber), enoki mushroom, eel sauce and spicy mayo. On the other hand, my father got himself the Beef Wakame Burger that has melted cheese, onion rings, Japanese seaweed and of course, a slice of beef patty. I don't remember the exact prices of these but if I recall correctly, they are IDR 40,000 / US$3.01 and IDR 45,000 / US$3.39 respectively.

Big Bad Wolf

Yesterday, I dragged my boyfriend with me to a book fair in Tangerang. The event, called Big Bad Wolf, is an annual event for book lovers. In my opinion, it's more like a discounted book heaven for bookworms. The discounted books are endless too. Fiction or non-fiction, self-help or educational, home and gardening or cooking — you name it. While the fair does not have all the books in the world, it has such a huge variety of collection and choices that I spent hours just browsing through the general fiction and young adult categories. Plus, the massive sale gives you a 60-80% discount which, if you understand how expensive paperbacks and hardcovers are, makes all these books so worth the splurge.

What's cool about this event is that it runs nonstop for 24 hours. Yes, twenty four over seven. From April 21st to May 2nd, the books are also updated every single day. Plus, there is no additional entrance fee! Who doesn't love free ticket, right?

Even though there were quite a lot of people there, everyone was so orderly that I didn't feel choked up or nauseous. I also think that it has something to do with the humongous, spacious halls and set-up. Unlike usual public events, I think the Big Bad Wolf event is fairly neat, both in terms of set up and books placement. Aside from books, the hall is also divided into two other sections; for food trucks and booths as well as kids area. I think that's a really smart move, considering how not everyone who goes there is a book lover. For instance, my boyfriend was more interested in the food booths than the books.

Another thing I realized was how the young adults section had a crap ton of mainstream series such as The Hunger Games trilogy, The Mortal Instruments series and The Maze Runner series. I had quite a difficult time finding good, underrated (or unpopular, if you will) YA books or series because 70-80% of them were different versions of Hunger Games. Not gonna lie though, I saw several cool covers of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games, those I've never seen in bookstores before. Similarly, I also spent hours browsing through the general fiction aisle, unable to decide which book to buy. Since the book fair only accepts cash payment, I had to be very careful about the books I purchased and let me tell you something, it was so difficult.

After walking around the same aisle for hours (and seeing how my boyfriend was slowly feeling exhausted from tailing me), I decided to purchase 6 books. I kind of regret not getting one more but I thought these were enough damage done. The total of these books are IDR 410,000 / US$ 31.

For the books I couldn't buy, I'm planning to include them in an upcoming post where I talk about my list of to-read books. I will also feature these books in that post later.

Boyfriend and I bought grilled bread drizzled in strawberry jam (or syrup?) for IDR 25,000 / US$ 2.00 and it was delicious. Nothing extraordinary but it wasn't mediocre either. For its price, the bread was soft and fluffy with a decent size for what it's worth.


I don't know what it is with IKEA but boyfriend and I just love going to IKEA. Besides, a trip to Tangerang isn't completely made unless we go to IKEA and get ourselves the infamous IKEA soft serve ice cream — which I really, really LOVE and think is the best soft serve vanilla ice cream ever. The cone is so basic and mediocre though .....but whatever right, as long as the ice cream itself is awesome and fluffy.

When we arrived at IKEA, it was around 18:00 and the place was so packed and crowded. It's funny because usually, we go to IKEA around 20:00 when all the food in the cafeteria are close to none. Regardless, I got myself a tuna panini, a grilled sausage and a chicken drumstick while boyfriend got himself IKEA's meatballs, sausage and drumstick as well as a chocolate cake.

For $2, the tuna panini wasn't bad at all. The tuna filling was generous and I really appreciate that. It's not extremely cheesy (unlike Starbucks' panini) but it's not dry either. The only thing it lacks was melted cheese, aha! Still, the bread itself was soft and squishy like a pillow, which I enjoyed. The drumstick wasn't bad either. The sausage, however... I wish I had microwaved it just like the panini — it was dry and quite cold, ugh.

Side note, I just learned from boyfriend that adding butter spread (those you use for your toast) to your mashed potato will enhance its taste.

Call me crazy but what is it about IKEA that makes me just wanna stay there all the freakin time? I also love the cafeteria, their food cart (or whatever you call that thing) and it gives me this airport vibe that I love — yes, I love airports and planes and traveling in planes.

How did your week go? Do tell me about it!

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