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2 Apr 2017

This week was quite a preoccupied one so let's just cut to the chase and do this.



001. had my second interview on Monday with the same company who offered me a freelance opportunity to redesign their company website. I now have two weeks to come up with certain sketches and wireframes. while I'm not officially employed as a freelancer yet, I hope they'll approve me. I'm extremely nervous about this, sigh.

002. went to Grand Indonesia, watched Beauty & The Beast with boyfriend after my interview. he was cringing during the first few scenes because he's not a fan of musicals. I'm not a fan of musicals too but it's Beauty & The Beast so I don't care. I think Emma Watson fits the role and I love every bit of it. while it may not be a flawless film, I love it nonetheless.

003. boyfriend and I had dim sum in the morning and since it wasn't all that expensive, we were really stuffed and satisfied. both of us are also in love with xiao long bao, otherwise known as soup dumplings. I also got the chance to eat the salted egg yolk custard bun which is what all dim sum and bun lovers should definitely try.

004. got myself my all-time favorite black tea macchiato from koi cafe and  ate sushi at sushi kiosk by sushi tei in the evening. I forgot to take pictures of the sushi because I was that dumb.


005. accompanied boyfriend to his job interview which was where I met the cat you see above. the design studio he was interviewed in actually has several stray cats. it's not like they keep pets or anything but they permit and feed stray cats. those cats even wear collars and have their own feeding bowls!

006. stopped at mcdonalds drive-thru and fetched myself some mcnuggets. I wanted to order their new limited edition taro mcflurry but their ice cream wasn't ready yet so I bought mcnuggets instead. I haven't had them in a year and I don't care if they're unhealthy.

007. went to Gandaria City for the first time. after stalling around the mall, boyfriend and I then decided to eat at Fook Yew, a casual Chinese eatery which serves Shanghai-styled cuisine and bubble teas. I didn't order their bubble tea because I wanted to avoid sugar. we ordered mapo tofu, beef hor fun, chicken & prawn pan fried bun and their newest prawn & salted egg dumplings.

008. at the end of the day, we also got ourselves A&W's soft serve ice cream cone.


009. boyfriend and I went to a job expo in one of our university's campuses. it's not our campus but it's still under the same university name regardless. the job expo wasn't that exciting though. most of the companies and brands there were mostly "business" companies like banks and global corporations. there was barely any design studios or companies so the expo wasn't all that helpful for us. most of the job vacancies and positions offered were mostly from the business division or programmers and web developers. there were job vacancies for graphics designers but it's not what we're looking for. fyi, we're UI / UX designers.

010. after the expo, we went to mom milk which is such a heavenly place for milk and dairy-fanatic like me. like its name, this cafe serves milk-based drinks and various fritters. they have 3 types of milk drinks: original plain fresh milk, fruit selection and flavored milk. my favorite is the horlick flavored one, however, since it was still unavailable so I ordered the vanilla regal one. my boyfriend ordered the strawberry flavored one. I told him to get the banana milk but he didn't, urgh! (it was my plan to drink his share if he didn't like it. plan failed though, tsk.)

011. for lunch, we headed south to check out the Hype x Senayan City bazaar. Hype! is an event organization whose bazaar consists of not only street food adventures but also design market. unlike usual bazaars, Hype has its own land instead of utilizing shopping malls for its tenants. this land, called Hype Land, is located in PIK, north Jakarta and has cool facilities such as dog park, kids area, garden house and parking area. for the event in Senayan, however, there was no dog park or anything like that. if you live in Jakarta and this event intrigues you, the Hype x Senayan City bazaar will run til April 30th.

012. at the bazaar, boyfriend and I bought bakso kelapa which literally translates to "coconut meatballs." the concept is to eat meatballs in a coconut (see picture above) and you get to choose between rice noodle, egg noodle or chinese hor fun. I don't know why it's in a coconut, I don't know if it's just a gimmick or they really cooked the broth with coconut water. my boyfriend said it's delicious, I think it was a gimmick for a basic comfort food.

013. Tanya mentioned about the Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart in one of our disqus conversations and when I saw the booth in Senayan City, I was literally flapping my arms and told my boyfriend I wanted to try it. the price of one cheese tart is 20k IDR / $2 which, in my opinion, is not cheap. taste-wise, it's well...cheesy af. I mean, I can see why people go gaga over them since they have this fluffy texture that melts in your mouth. meanwhile, the edges are crispy and compliment that texture really well. I personally prefer the traditional, Portuguese "pastel de nata" egg tart.


here comes netflix with Jay Asher's 13 Reasons Why. I first read the book when I was still in high school and quite frankly, it's not a favorite book of mine. some of Hannah's reasons for killing herself made me go "????" and that's the reason why the book did not sit well with me. as much as I don't want to dictate a person's reasons for suicidal tendencies (because I understand that different people have different triggers), some of Hannah's reasons were just so...I don't know, I don't have a word for it. I gave it 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads because it's average and tolerable at best. still, I don't find Hannah Baker or her reasons to kill herself relatable. maybe that's why I have mixed feelings about it, maybe that's why I don't bow down and kiss this book the way other people do (but that doesn't mean I'm completely against it) — this review basically sums up how I actually feel about the book. again, I don't mean to judge so before you bash me for judging Hannah Baker, I myself am depressed and I experience constant suicidal tendencies so I totally understand how that feels.

regardless of the book, I'm still going to watch the show because it looks decent, mysterious and interesting. also, adaptations are never the exact copy of the original which is why I'll still watch it. I hope Hannah's character is developed, a lot more intense and relatable for people who experience depression and suicidal tendencies.


in need of relaxing tunes that aren't slow and sad but not loud and noisy either? try these. I enjoy them for when I'm spacing out, reading a book or while doing some design sketches.


the book I'm currently reading is, as you can see, The Wonders by Paddy O'Reilly. if I were to describe this book with only one word, it'd be this: freak show. technically that's two words instead of one but whatever, really. so why a 'freak show?' because the characters are. first we have Leon, a human who, after multiple heart attacks and failed transplant, is now a man with mechanical heart. second we have Kathryn who, after the treatment of a rare genetic disease, is now covered in black wool. third is Christos, a performance artist with a pair of wings planted on his back. together they are recruited by entrepreneur Rhona whose aim is to transform them into a team of 'glamorous, genre-deying twenty first century freak show.'

this is indeed a strange book but its concept is something I really dig in. it gives me that strange vibe the way a circus or carnival does, if that makes sense. I haven't reached its climatic arc, however, it's a decent read so far.

like I said, this week's highlight is a pretty preoccupied one. sorry for such a lengthy, boring post. after all, I'm a very descriptive person with my writing.

how did your week go? do tell me about it in the comments below!

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