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The Internet People

The internet is an invisible station where everyone is a resident of the same ark, connected through wires and grids across the globe. This digital spacecraft we submerged ourselves into, while seemingly practical and easy, is starting to feel and smell like a threat to me. In this digital chamber where billions of people and strangers are united by a single power line, the secret code used to bypass our individuality is stamped on what we say online. Our vocal mind is more than just an expression — it is a weapon, a weapon that can be used against us.

Clocked 009 | The B in F&B is For Books

The B in F&B stands for books, not beverage. That's the truth.

Ridiculous Beauty Trends

this is how a pair of perfect brows look like in my opinion

A few days ago, my friend and I had a brief conversation regarding trends surrounding internet, particularly on social media like Instagram, where selfies are hash-tagged and 'no filter' is a thing. One of our common dislike is addressed towards the oh-so-famous "Instagram eyebrows" which is something both of us will never understand. That conversation has since then inspired me to think about other internet trends we see today, trends that I just cannot compute.

Clocked 008

I wish I live in a country with seasons so I can experience what spring feels like and maybe, if I were to experience it and find the first blooming flower, I'd feel slightly better. I need to feel at least the slightest bit better so I can, you know, function and be more capable of making a decision. This week has been filled with emotional exhaustion, lots of feeling down and left out. As I'm typing this, I'm struggling to update my blog because I feel like it deserves a proper update despite my condition.

What I Put On My Face Is None Of Your Business

The other day, a friend of mine posted a Facebook status where she expressed her anger over a stupid statement said by a female radio host. She concluded that a married woman has no need for makeup because "she does not need to attract any more man." Similarly, I've been hearing about makeup shaming both in real life and on internet thus all the more reason to write this post. How is it possible for a woman to say she demands equality, to be respected by men and yet, she cannot even respect her own kind?

Introvert And Proud

For as long as I can remember, I've always been an introvert. I don't like participating in small talks and I hate attending parties. I enjoy a lot of me time and would rather read a book or play with a dog as opposed to making friends and greeting strangers. I love one-on-one conversation and find it difficult to settle down in a group conversation. I hate loud people, noisy places and crowded situation. I am all the opposite of an extrovert loved by society.

Mlkboard 006 | Everyday Objects As Art

Excuse me for the morphing banana picture you see above. I promise this is not a NSFW post and it's completely safe for you to read this during work hours. After all, this is just Mlkboard, a column featuring boards of selected artworks that will hopefully boost your creative juice.

The Life & Lies Of Emma Chota

I featured the show Red Band Society in this post and now that I've watched the entire series, I want to talk about my favorite character and how relatable she is for me. I will try to avoid as much spoilers as possible but some parts will be mentioned briefly to provide supporting backstory for the analysis. Be careful, you've been warned.

Clocked 007 | So Preoccupied

This week was quite a preoccupied one so let's just cut to the chase and do this.
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