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Mlkboard 003 | made.somewhere


I've been on the hunt for inspirational, design-related Instagram accounts lately just because I want my feed to be less boring. I don't follow a lot of people, friends or relatives on IG because I don't want my feed to be drenched in selfies and whatnot. Anyway, in the mist of it all, I stumbled upon made.somewhere, an Instagram account who shares artworks made by other studios or graphic designers. Made Somewhere itself happens to be a graphics design studio based in Sydney, Australia and they occasionally share their work on this account too. 

What I love about made.somewhere's IG account is how the artworks chosen and curated are mostly that of minimalist approach. It's matter of personal preference, however, these are the kinds of artwork style that I personally enjoy and most likely to go for.

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Did you find any inspirational Instagram account lately or do you have any?

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