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I'm in dire need of visual stimulation. Okay, that's really dramatic but you know what I mean. I've been in a rut and feeling oh so hella bored. My creative alter ego has been asking for more blogs to discover, more visual findings, more inspiration. You know that feeling where you just want to read and discover aesthetically pleasing blogs and whatnot? That's what I feel right now.

Slowing Down

Ask yourself this: how often do you give yourself a break from all the crazy things in your life? We get so caught up with what's happening around us that we often neglect the need to breathe. We care so much about owning more that we end up beating ourselves thinking about how we are not good enough or how we should have done this and not that. Thing is, because everyone talks about life as chasing deadlines on a fast track, we ignore the importance one thing: slowing down.

Mlkboard 004 | Product Packaging

I am a packaging hoarder. I find it difficult to throw away empty bottles when they're designed oh so amazingly and lately, it seems to me that more and more brands are leaning towards minimalist design in terms of their product packaging. I'm not saying all brands do that but most certainly do because minimalism is this trendy thing that people seem to be discussing lately. Of course this is all a subjective speculation from yours truly so don't take it too seriously.

Human Time Bomb

I found myself pacing back and forth, arguing whether or not I should publish this post. I was afraid things might get too personal, that I'd expose too much and people are going to judge me. I don't want this blog to be a bunker of negativity. I guess no matter how tough I sounded by saying how I'll post whatever I want, in the end I'm still intimidated to take that step. Isn't it ironic though, since I end up publishing this post like it's a big "screw you" to potential haters out there... Maybe a part of me just don't care, a part of me just wants to let this be read and maybe, that's okay too.

Clocked | 005

Here I go again, posting a weekend highlight entry a day after the week ends. I recently have a lot of things I want to write about and it has been disrupting my schedule for updating blog series, my bad. But since we're here now, let's do some total recall-ing (heh, if you understand my reference, I'll love you forever.)

Maintain & Avoid Eczema Flare-Ups

If I gain every penny for every single time I say I have eczema-prone skin that constantly come and goes, I think I'd be rich by now. But yes, let me repeat it again for everyone out there: I have eczema. I am a loyal subscriber of eczema. I have flare-ups every now and then mostly on my chest, waist, legs and sometimes elbow. As I've mentioned before, life with eczema is a high maintenance frustration. Eczema itself, though not contagious, cannot be cured completely but it can be avoided or minimized and here's how.

Valentine's Day

I don't have a hand obsession but I do like how yours look around mine

I wasn't planning on this post but I saw this illustration on my Facebook timeline and I thought hey, I have a Valentine's day related idea so why not write it all down? Before I continue, however, I'd like to clarify that I don't necessarily despise the event; I just don't think it's anything special for me.

Mlkboard 003 | made.somewhere

I've been on the hunt for inspirational, design-related Instagram accounts lately just because I want my feed to be less boring. I don't follow a lot of people, friends or relatives on IG because I don't want my feed to be drenched in selfies and whatnot. Anyway, in the mist of it all, I stumbled upon made.somewhere, an Instagram account who shares artworks made by other studios or graphic designers. Made Somewhere itself happens to be a graphics design studio based in Sydney, Australia and they occasionally share their work on this account too. 

Clocked | 004

It's Monday when this post goes up but I thought I should still do last week's highlight anyway. I have to admit, last week was a mixture of ups and downs but what's new. I also wasted my time watching a lot of films and playing The Sims 4 all day everyday since I need distractions for my anxiety and depressive episodes.

Don't Call Me A Millennial

I was born in 1995. I was born around the era when Disney Channel had really amazing cartoons and Nintendo Gameboy Color was the thing all the cool kids wanted to have and play with. I was that kid who grew up building houses and cars out of Leggo blocks; I was that 90s kid who woke up super early to watch Tiny Planets on Playhouse Disney, the kid who grew up listening to Westlife on cassettes and I love it, being a 90s kid. What I don't like, however, is being labelled as a millennial and here's why.

5 Underrated Films For Deep Thinkers

I'm a movie junkie. I love films, especially indie ones that made me think. Science fiction and psychological thriller are two of my most favorite genre to watch. I'm also a huge fan of Christopher Nolan, of his movie "Inception" so you know what kind of films I'd look out for. Lately, I've been watching a lot (and by a lot, I mean a lot) of films because I need to expand my list and so far, I have found five indie films I'd recommend to everybody unless of course you don't like to do some massive thinking from watching films.

It's Okay To Be Selfish

The other day I came across a video (or was it a Vine?) on Facebook where a guy said about how it's perfectly fine for us to be selfish especially when we're still at our youth. The video made me think about how people are so terrified to be selfish when in truth, human beings have always been selfish creatures. I am selfish, you are selfish, everybody else is selfish and that's the truth. So why are we pretending like that's not how it is? I think what the guy in the video said was right, that we all have the privilege to be selfish, especially during our youth.
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