Pantone's 2017 Board: Greenery

17 Jan 2017

I've been delaying this post out of laziness but here we go, we are back with the second Pantone's color of the year moodboard, featuring a refreshing shade called "Greenery" which reminds me of matcha powder and lime due to its yellowish-green hue. With Pantone describing Greenery as a fresh and zesty, this is the color of new beginnings, revival and renewal in spring which is perfect for people who want to be reminded by mother nature's neutral in their life.

Introducing Greenery

A basic yet rejuvenating shade that all of us will instantly associate with plants (especially since the name itself is sort of a pun to both the color and plants), Greenery is introduced by Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Lieatrice Eiseman as this year's color that will "provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment" in hope that it will take us back to reconnecting with mother nature. It is a hue that we always unconsciously return to when it comes to adding some flavors into our urban lifestyle, the most common example is the addition of plants to add some flare into our comfort zone. Pantone believes that the more modern our life gets, the bigger the urge to immerse ourselves in appreciating the beauty of what is and feels natural. I personally agree with what they have to say for picking Greenery this year especially after seeing how a lot of people are starting to add succulents and other indoor plants into their life lately.

Visit the Pantone Greenery page for more details and color pairings.

Do I love it?

Yes I do. I've been liking green lately especially when combined with other earth-toned colors such as khaki, brown and/or vibrant orange. I also love pairing it with pastel, dusty dirty rosy pink in order to form a muted spring-ish color scheme. As much as I love last year's Pantone's pick, I have to say that I love Greenery more for its energy boosting atmosphere.


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Some color pairings inspiration...

Overall, like I've mentioned above, I agree on this year's color pick. I love how it reminds me of matcha, spring and green forest. This shade is seriously making me want to have succulent plants on my desk space and hopefully, my own space too. I can understand why some people are into plants even though I personally have no idea how to take care of one.

Now that I think about it, it's really funny because even before Pantone announced their 2017 color of the year, I found myself drawn into more green colored items. I still love blue because I grew up loving blue but green is such a refreshing color that makes me feel...oxygenated, if that even makes sense. For some reason, I also feel like Greenery represents the idea of minimalism very well and we all know how minimalism is starting to be more popular lately.

What's your verdict?

  • What's your opinion on this year's color?

  • Are you a fan of green? If yes, is this the kind of green that you like?

  • What does Greenery reminds you of? (if you say matcha, I will love you forever! Haha)

  • Do you see yourself adding Greenery into your space?


  1. i'm not really digging the choice but it's a breather! everything looks so fresh and brand new. really into the spirit of turning a new leaf (ha). i love green when it's deeper (like pantone 350 above) or almost close to white (pantone 9041). i do think green reminds me of everything matcha, which is the kind of green that i like! also the green house and bogor botanical gardens, for some reason hahah

  2. I absolutely love this post, Elisa! Good thing, my planner's color is green and my school envelope is also color green and even my fan which I bring everywhere especially for travels so I feel like I did make a good decision for this year. I love color green because it feels I'm more connected with nature and at the same time, it's very pleasing for the eyes. Sometimes when I hear the word 'green', it reminds me of tea and matcha. Although, I haven't saw a supply of matcha for me in the market here in our place so I'm still more of a green tea drinker. My mom's fave color is also green because for her, it symbolizes money. Hahaha! 😂😅

  3. Gorgeous. I absolutely love green shades, and that moodboard was great!

  4. To be honest, green used to be my least favourite colour. But as I grow older, I keep reaching for the greens... probably because I love nature. It is so soothing to see greens everywhere.

    But also because it looks like matcha. I mean... who can deny matcha? (Note: Definitely not me!)

  5. Love love love this shade. I've never been a huge fan of green too much (because my favourite colour is blue) but since I love plants so much and green lights up the room -- I'm loving it. Loved the moodboard <3

    Hannie Arden | Missing Wanderer

  6. OMG,it does remind me of matcha, and I love matcha! haha. I love this year's color. Green is so good for the eyes. Reminds of the woods and nature.

  7. I would have thought of matcha when it comes to green, but the first thing I that popped in my mind was that I remembered having green as my favorite color (before) because it was my crush's favorite color. Hahaha! And it really did made me like green. I'm into military green, though. I love to wear that color but I think it doesn't suit me. Haha. Other than that, green is refreshing! I think I'll be looking at it more often this year. I mean for taking photos. Hihi :)



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