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9 Jan 2017

Well hello there. For a moment I forgot that my blog actually exists — okay, I'm lying for being lazy. I'd like to say I'm having one of those writer's block moments but hey, that'd be a lie too. Truth is, other than feeling lazy, I've been down with possible strep throat and cramps, a gift from Aunt Flow herself. Therefore, I decided to sit down and blog in a coffee table kind of laid-back manner just talking about life and other random little things found across the internet.


001. I've been busy re-designing my personal branding, from completely revamping my logo, color scheme and typography to renewing my portfolio book, all from scratch. My old branding, which was done for the sake of Portfolio class back in college, did not portray me enough and I end up hating it. As much as I love black and white for minimalism, they are not my color and they don't portray my characteristic enough. I want to believe that as I continue to grow and explore different kinds of visual style, my taste and skills in design have evolved too. My new one will carry a muted down color scheme consisting blue, white and khaki.

002. Went out with boyfriend and our friends (we basically have the same friends and mingle in the same group, haha) to an all you can eat sushi place. It wasn't ohmygod amazing but it wasn't bad either. We ordered 1000 pieces of salmon sashimi and a bunch of others like aburi salmon and whatnot. All that salmon sashimi and I'm still not satisfied. Geez, my inner cat needs more fish!

003. I've been drinking mint water almost every day and I love, love it! It's best served cold and chilled and I personally love it just the same when it's just mint and no lemon or any other fruit.

004. This week's favorite (custom menu) from Starbucks that I've been enjoying: English Breakfast tea + skim milk + vanilla syrup or substitute English Breakfast tea with Earl Grey and call your custom drink London Fog Tea Latte.

005. Guys, I've been rererere-watching all 7 Harry Potter films back to back again for the nth time in my life. My favorite is still The Order Of Phoenix (that or The Goblet Of Fire) and my least favorite is definitely The Half Blood Prince. I still love the Weasleys and I still hate how they butcher Ginny Weasley's character because she is my all-time favorite female from the series (I do love Hermione too but Ginny, she's special alright.)


001. This isn't new by any means but if you are a Potterhead and you have not discovered your Patronus then what the heck are you doing with your life? Just kidding. But seriously, try discover it here. Mine is the wolf. Also, do tell me which Hogwarts and Ilvermony House you are sorted into. I'm a proud Slytherin (a SlytherClaw / RaveRin, to be exact) and a Horned Serpent in Ilvermony. My wand is a Black Walnut Wood with a Phoenix feather core 12-3/4 and hard flexibility.

002. BookTuber Ariel Bissett tells you it's alright to give up on a book midway if you lose interest in it. Like her, I used to force myself to finish a book even though I wanted to stop and at the end of the day, it left me feeling drained and exhausted instead. Now, I forgive myself whenever I lose interest in a book halfway and decide to close it, put it down and find something else. Quoting Ariel from the same video, "reading takes a lot of time" and you want to experience joy, not dread.

003. I have been listening to Youth by Foxes, a song from her first debut album, "Glorious." If you're a fan of Fall Out Boy (like I do), Foxes is featured in Just One Yesterday, a song from their "Save Rock & Roll" album. Foxes is also the singer featured in Zedd's Clarity.

004. If you are someone who has trouble starting a blog post (or any writing piece, really) because you have no idea how to open a paragraph, Michelle Chai of Daisy Butter has a few short tips on how to boost your writing. One of my favorite tips from the post is to "write in conversation" which I think is such an easy-going, chillax suggestion. I find that a blog post with such writing tone feels less intimidating and more welcoming to new readers.


I don't blog about video games or my gaming progress anymore but I don't want to completely eliminate the idea of it so I thought I should just put it here. Contrary to what some people think, I don't play every single day but when I do, I can play for hours. That's dedication right there. 

001. I bought Ori & The Blind Forest Definite Edition during Steam Winter Sale last year. It's definitely one of the best underrated, indie games out there. The story is lovely yet a little sad, the visual is stunning and the music gives you goosebumps, in a good way. In fact, I love it more than Child Of Light. If you are curious about it, I also wrote a post about the game here.

002. I'm also replaying Dragon Age Inquisition and this time, I'm playing as a female Dalish elf mage who choose to side with mages instead of templars. For my first playthrough, I was a female human rogue who romanced Commander Cullen. This time, I'm going for Ambassador Josephine.

003. I still need to finish playing Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Heck, I haven't even played it halfway through!

004. If you are a fan of Mass Effect, go and download Origin because Mass Effect 2 (Standard Edition) is currently free for download. I'm not sure when the offer ends but if you haven't owned it, be sure to fetch it. Also, Mass Effect Andromeda has a release date and a new gameplay reveal!

That's it for the first entry to Check Ins. Let's hope this won't be the last because I feel like nobody actually wants to read about my boring life update. Prove me wrong if you want to know more, haha
image via unsplash

What have you been doing or up to lately? 

(if you are a fellow gamer as well, tell me bout it!)


  1. I don't think life updates are boring at all - I actually quite enjoy reading when bloggers post about what they've been up to. I could just be nosy haha!
    I discovered London Fog less than a year ago and I absolutely adore it - one of my go to drinks. Salmon sashimi is the BEST and I can never get enough of it either.
    I was playing around with the Pottermore website yesterday (when I really should have been studying). My Patronus is a deerhound, I am a Hufflepuff and my Ilvermony house is Thunderbird! My wand is Larch wood with a Unicorn hair core 10" and Supple flexibility. Such a cool website, makes me want to marathon the HP films as well.
    Hope you feel better soon, Elisa!

  2. I love life updates. 😄 Since you mentioned all-you-can-eat sushi, I called over my friends at work and asked if they heard of any in Sydney... because a team lunch is in order. ;)

    The sharing of links is something I’m personally less interested in because I prefer more in-depth commentary about stuff people have found on the internet, as opposed to just a list of links. But I didn’t mind your Cyberspace section, you wrote quite a bit about the links you shared.

    I can’t remember the last time I used Steam 😞 But I am still getting emails about Doom and Quake being on sale hahaha!

  3. Mint water sounds interesting! Are you infusing it with fresh mint, or buying it that way?

    I used to force myself to finish books even if I lost interest or couldnt stand them, but then I realised how precious my time is. I don't want to waste time reading a book I'm not liking. I want to read things I enjoy and not be bored by it. 😊

  4. I always forget the last part (heh) cos my reading comprehension sucks. 😅

    Like Georgie, I also find life updates interesting. I prefer when they're separated by parts or in some kind of list form because they're easier on the eyes. 😎

    They're a great way to share more about your life, especially since not everything's worthy of its own entry. 💖

  5. i try to talk a little bit about the links i share. since this isn't the column where i talk thoroughly about an idea or a topic, i only put brief commentary (because that's how i want my Check Ins to be, chillax and easy) for a moment there i thought you were against it hahaha. i also try not to be a plugger like "oh, here's a link! check it out" because i ain't doing ads :P

    the new DOOM looks fun! i never played DOOM but my boyfriend told me the old one was better and scarier. the newer one is more of a shooter game with no thrill haha

  6. ok i gotta open my pottermore first because it's been a while since i mentioned my patronus lol mine is st. bernard dog! also a slytherin, horned serpent (so predictable imo, though i'd love to be a ravenclaw). OH DUDE YOU MAKE YOUR OWN BRAND YOURSELF HOW COOL IS THAT. the old one is so sleek and chic! i love it! can't wait to see the rebrand!

    i usually buy colourpop from reseller so i get what you mean. they are still reasonably priced imo. so it's still worth to buy.

    i'll be posting my life update soon so i guess see you there elisa ^_^

  7. my local starbucks has no menu called london fog so i had to customize the drink hahaha as far as i know, in other countries, one can just order london fog and the barista knows what to do so the taste might be better there than it is here in indonesia.

    aww, i've always think hufflepuffs are this adorable, fuzzy people with very genuine heart. i love hufflepuffs and i hate people who think hufflepuffs are losers :(
    your ilvermony house is so cool!

  8. every time my friend and i see a st.bernard dog, we always laugh and say "it's nana two!" because nana two, the family dog from peterpan is a st.bernard hahaha

    i'd love to be ravenclaw too but to be honest, i'm a hybrid of the two houses so i tend to call myself a raverin / slytherclaw. the other i found mbti results that correspond with hogwarts houses and INTJ is a RaveRin so that makes me happy. still, i'm a proud slytherin though :D (because Merlin himself was a slytherin!)

    we had portfolio class where we had to brand ourselves so yeah, it's part of the syllabus. also, as a designer, you gotta have your own branding. it's kind of a must haha


    HAHAHAH, my space is a little forgotten too, but well its my 2017's goal to blog a little more. I hope you're doing well! I'm seeing more of your posts on ig lately! hehe
    I DID JOIN POTTERMORE; Quite recent; but not that recent I think. My patronus is a dapple grey stallion and my wand is a sycawore wood with a pheonix core 12 1/4" / under the house of Gryffindor of course. The house of the lion; definitely me!

    Blue white and kakhi is a nice palette! But true enough; I guess black and white may be a little harsh. Speaking of colors; imma try and dye my hair pink again! haha; SEE YA AROUNDD ELISA :D

  10. Hi Elisa! I consider myself as a gamer in some ways. I'm currently into Sims 4. Not playing as much lately though because of school. (It's kinda addicting for me).

    I listened to Youth and I loved it! It's really rare that I get to know these types of music, so I'm glad that you've mentioned it! I also love the music video!

    It's really amazing that you have your own brand! I admire your works. Oh, and your color scheme is perfect. It's really soothing to the eyes.

    Would want to read more of your Check ins. I find life lately posts helpful because I get to know more about someone's life besides the other posts. Hehe. Oh and btw, the cat on the photo is soooo cute!! <3

  11. I am going to make a London Fog Tea Latte tomorrow morning. Thank you for the idea. My Patronus is a deerhound, which does not surprise me because I love dogs, and of course I have always been a Ravenclaw.

  12. Haha I definitely prefer old versions of games. I haven’t played the new Doom, but I played the new Quake and it was not as thrilling and as scary as the original old ones. 😆

  13. omg yes, nana two! i remember that! it's cute xD

  14. I have two novels that I started a few years ago, and have not finished yet. Hopefully, this year. But I have an excuse. Both of them are over 1000 pages.

    I hope the Mass Effect game will still be free once I get a monitor for my new gaming PC. But I'm itching to downoad some Naruto PC games.

  15. I watch Ariel's vlogs too!
    And I've come to terms with coming to terms with not finishing a book, even if I'm half way through. It's ok to stop reading if it no longer piques your interest.

    I didn't get to finish Child of Light, my laptop wasn't equipped to run it...still trying to save up for a laptop that can run games. And I've only seen playthrough videos of Ori...such a pretty game.
    Have you played the cell phone game Monument Valley? I think you'd enjoy it for some low scale gaming.

    And I love reading about life updates! Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  16. I am liking the new color scheme for your new branding movement. I think it fits you more than the black/white. It's cool that you and your boyfriend have the same friends! I wish that's the case for me XD. It's easier to plan hangouts :')...

    Oooh my boyfriend loves the London Fog Tea Latte. Haha, that drink sounds hip ;).

    I feel like if I had to discover my own Patronus, it'd be Slytherin too! Bissett gives a good point about trying to experience joy. There is absolutely no point in continuing something you don't like- especially a book. The world doesn't end if you give it up.

    Mage characters are the best! (Followed by assassin/rogue). Sounds like you got some neat gaming under the belt lately ;). Hahahaha, I'm still playing skyforge.

  17. hi Liz! i usually boil my mint leaves and drink the water, best served chilled or with ice. i don't know if this is considered wrong or not but that's how i do it haha. i don't think normal people drink mint water this way though but i might be wrong.



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