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A Different Approach

I've been thinking about where my blog is heading to lately. I can't help but to think that this place is still a huge mess. I guess I'm stuck in the infamous doubtful phase where bloggers question their blog's purpose or what their niche is because you see, we all wish to be unique and different and special and yet, sometimes, we find ourselves falling into the circle of others instead of one that we created for ourselves. I don't want to be part of the famous folks, I want to be part of the odd club.

Clocked 003 | Life + Health

I missed a week of Check Ins because it was a boring week. But for today's check ins, I'm going to briefly talk about some life and mostly health-related updates because these are what I've been battling with lately. I do plan on writing a detailed entry regarding my health issue, the visits to different doctors, the meds etc but we'll see when I can put that up.


My best friend and I recently talked about how one of our friends needs to save himself from being extremely pathetic about his single life. I know there are people in this world who take their single status quite seriously, however, it does not compute in my mind when one gets extremely desperate about wanting to have a partner especially when you know how most people fail to distinguish infatuation and love and think that crushes are always equivalent to love. No, it's not. 

10 Legal Highs

No, we're not talking about drugs and yes, I'm aware that legal high may refer to legal intoxicants but that's not what I'm going to blog about today. What I'm going to talk about today are my legal highs, the instant pick me ups found in the basic, little moments of my everyday life. I decided to blog about this after getting inspired by Estee Lalonde's Bloom book and this article.

Pantone's 2017 Board: Greenery

I've been delaying this post out of laziness but here we go, we are back with the second Pantone's color of the year moodboard, featuring a refreshing shade called "Greenery" which reminds me of matcha powder and lime due to its yellowish-green hue. With Pantone describing Greenery as a fresh and zesty, this is the color of new beginnings, revival and renewal in spring which is perfect for people who want to be reminded by mother nature's neutral in their life.

Clocked | 002

We are back with another Check Ins post for this week! I'd like to thank those who have commented on my first Check Ins post, expressing your interest to read about my boring daily life updates. I don't have a very flattering life but I'll try to keep this a thing. I'm actually thinking of finally using a notebook to jolt down and take notes of what happened in a day so I can have a record of some sort.

Living With Eczema

I've kept this draft in my blog for days and I was debating between publishing or deleting it. The thing is, this post might sound like nothing other than me going on a rant about my stressful life with eczema. I don't really like exposing myself too much on the internet, let alone my emotion but a part of me says whatever, I'm going to rant on my blog and nobody is going to forbid me for it and I guess that sassy little part of me won or else you won't be reading this right now.

Clocked | 001

Well hello there. For a moment I forgot that my blog actually exists — okay, I'm lying for being lazy. I'd like to say I'm having one of those writer's block moments but hey, that'd be a lie too. Truth is, other than feeling lazy, I've been down with possible strep throat and cramps, a gift from Aunt Flow herself. Therefore, I decided to sit down and blog in a coffee table kind of laid-back manner just talking about life and other random little things found across the internet.

5 Coming Of Age Films To Watch

I'm going to say something quite surprising: I've been enjoying coming of age films for the past few days. So why is it surprising? It is so because I never thought I'd include it in my list of favorite genre. I mean I do watch adolescent films from time to time but I never thought they'd be one of my favorite genre now. Good news, I have found five worth watching coming of age films that I swear by and will definitely recommend to others so be sure to check them out!


I was actually debating between going back to my regular schedule of blog posting or commemorate the fact that this marks the first entry of 2017. I decided to go with the latter because as much as I find "new year resolutions" ridiculous, I still want to respect the new calendar and tell you some notes I'm going to remind myself this year. Let's have a short tea break for this transition.
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