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1 Nov 2016

Back at it again with my second mood board filled with curated artworks, Mlkboard is a column to feature visually engaging artworks from various creative fields. This time, I am going to focus on food branding and packaging design. When it comes to gourmet, of course the taste is relevant but visually appealing branding and packaging design can really boost the attention. I don't know about you but a good packaging really does make me want to try a product out.

Below are some good branding and packaging design that, if I see it in real life, I'd definitely check (and maybe purchase) them out because come on, you can't possibly lie about never being drawn into a product due to its packaging!

FRO FRO™ is a Singapore-based company that manufactures ice cream cookies and ice cream based confection. Their iconic product, the ice cream cookie, is a twist from the traditional ice cream sandwich found in Singapore. Instead of using wafers or bread — as seen from the typical street "ice cream uncles" — FRO FRO's ice cream cookie uses wholesome biscuits. The company's brand and packaging is creatively designed by design agency BRAVO.

Designed by Marx Design, Bruce Juice sells 100% raw, cold pressed juice and dairy free plant milk products. If you live in Australia, lucky you because Bruce Juice is available in Australia.

Jude's packaging design is definitely one of my favorites and it's all thanks to design studio Asha. Made in Hampshire, UK, Jude's has a few ice cream flavors that made me drool when I hover over to their site — brown butter pecan with swirls of caramel? Yes, please! See, it's stuff like this that makes me question why the hell am I stuck in Southeast Asia and not in somewhere great like UK.

Based in the United States, the Paris Baguette bakery-cafes, coffee shops and restaurants has their branding and packaging designed by Apartment One. I really love the color scheme and illustrations as they give off that authenticity a Parisian boulangerie has, if that makes sense. The shop itself is pretty self-explanatory as they sell various products, from traditional French pastries and cakes to the not-so traditional royal pudding kept in milk bottles.

Designed by Brisbane-based design agency Shanti Sparrow, the Harajuku Kirakira burger has such a playful, vibrant cartoon-theme design that, in my opinion, makes eating burgers and drinking soda a more colorful experience. If I were to see a fast food restaurant serving such adorable, colorful packaging, I think I'm not going to skip it and will definitely check the menu about.

I remember purchasing different brands of muesli in the grocery store because I was drawn to their packaging. Now, if Blue Frog Breakfast is available in here, I think I'd do that too. With interesting packaging designed by London-based agency Grain Creative, Blue Frog Breakfast sells different types of cereals — wheat free, gluten free and certified paleo.

For some weird reason, I like it when my biscuits have visually appealing packaging. Biscuits have been slowly becoming my staple snack especially when I'm drinking tea and these Fortnum & Mason ones are definitely something that will catch my attention if I ever see it here. I'd say Together Design did a good job in designing the packaging of their biscuits because just look at those colors! I love it when different flavors have different design variation but still with the same concept (obviously).

Yet another packaging design for cereals, mousegraphics made this design for the new cereal shake drink from Uni-President Enterprises. With aim to promote healthy drink with natural ingredients, the cereal shake is a blend of nuts, cereals and fruits. Since I've never tried any cereal shake drink before, this is really interesting both in concept and design.

In case you are wondering, I only provide brief information on packaging that has been designed for companies and clients — just in case you think I purposely skipped some artworks. Also, complete details can be seen from the sources I have linked below. Of course, there are more artworks that have inspired me over time; if anyone is interested, they can be seen on my Pinterest or Behance appreciation.

How about you

Are you someone who pays attention to food packaging? Do you think they are important and necessary? Have you ever bought any food product due to its packaging and did you regret or love it? It'd be fun to know what product people have bought because they're drawn to its packaging design.

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  1. Two things are currently going through my mind right now - First is the fact that I'm hungry as well as sleepy. Second is the fact that I'm absolutely in love with all of the designs that you showed - and a bit annoyed that practically every design that is popular uses primary colors. It's like they're slapping you in the face, instead of gently drawing you into their place of business. IDK if that makes any sense...

  2. I totally understand what you mean. but that's the point of advertising imo which is to slap the product and promotion to yer face so you'll be like whoa there, i might check this out. of course, to each their own so I appreciate your opinions :D

  3. Ugh, I'm such a sucker for packaging. I'd totally buy something just because it looks nice - even though I might not really need it. And I'm very convinced that the actual thing tastes better and I enjoy it more if the packaging is appealing. :)

  4. This design is very visually appealing. There's a hip supermarket that I love going to and they have some awesome package designs. I gotta take some pics for you some day! I love love love the pattern of the ice cream cup. Hehe, I'm sure you love the milk bottle design too ;).

    I thought Paris Baguette originated from South Korea ;o. I do agree that they have nice packaging :). It's awesome how you have so many info/research done behind the packaging design!

    I pay attention to how easily it is to open the package. The design matters to - if it looks "cheap", I'm less inclined to buy it. I've bought countless cutely designed packages. Some food didn't taste as good but the aesthetics made up for it :).



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