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5 Things I Do During Detachment

I never liked the idea of myself being emotionally compromised. But this is what I've been trying to get through for the past few months. Life in itself is pretty tiring; I have to survive, get a job and maybe polish the social skill that I barely have. I don't need to be pressured and overwhelmed by this intangible thing called feelings. I just want to undo things — just unfeel, you know? And sometimes, they fuel my depression and anxiety and that's not very good.

The Left Behind

So you might be thinking: two posts of the same column in less than a week? Unfortunately for this post, I just have to write it down to get it off my chest. As I am writing this I am going to tell you that I have spent these past few days bawling my eyes out and feeling like a mess while having to support someone important to me.

Love Is More Than Just...

A few months ago, I remember reading a meaningful blog post about love and relationship that got me thinking really hard about my own. The post, which can be read here, talked about how relationships don't last based on feelings but choices because feelings are not constant and building a relationship based on a shaky foundation is risky. As I contemplate on the idea, it made so much sense as to why I doubted mine during the first few months.

Mlkboard 002

Back at it again with my second mood board filled with curated artworks, Mlkboard is a column to feature visually engaging artworks from various creative fields. This time, I am going to focus on food branding and packaging design. When it comes to gourmet, of course the taste is relevant but visually appealing branding and packaging design can really boost the attention. I don't know about you but a good packaging really does make me want to try a product out.
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