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20 Jun 2016

soundscape by wei xiong chan

Geometric shapes is one of the basic elements of design that I really like to use. I love squares and rectangles more than circle / round shape. My friend said that people who love photography tend to prefer squares over circles and I wonder if that's true though I wouldn't stress much over it. As a designer, however, I wouldn't say that I will never incorporate circles in my design. There's always a time for everything.

For my first curated design-related post, I am going to feature a few design that have inspired me. These designs feature squares and rectangles as one of their elements. Each picture will direct you to its designer's page.

sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

In case you haven't realized, I am a sucker for minimalist design with lots and lots of negative space, dramatic font sizing and text on image overlays. My favorites are definitely Recital de Tribalistas by Nadia Cymeryng for its "chaotic organized" look and Soundscape by Wei Xiong Chan for its use of gradient colors.

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any favorite graphics designer? Which one do you prefer, squares / rectangles or circles / round (or maybe even triangles)?


  1. Oooohooo I love these minimal designs that looks eye-candyish. I don't have a favorite graphics designer in specific. However, I prefer squares; they're even and easy to work with when it comes to arrangement. As long as it has a white background and not too 'noisy', I am bought! For coloring, I love pastel or light colors (opacity wise). Your background colors (blue and cream) are really nice on the eyes for example :D.

  2. That is interesting to know. I tend to lean toward squares and stuff too. Those are some awesome designs. I'm a sucker for minimal looks as well. I really liked the LES SALINS 2015-2016 BY AVAN POST & SAMUEL GUIGUES one.

  3. I really like RECITAL DE TRIBALISTAS because I'm a fan of handwritten work! I'm actually quite fascinated by rectangular designs but it was never something I was great at back in college. I'm a circles person! I studied that in my game research class and apparently a lot of women are attracted to circular designs.

  4. Google thinks circles are more user friendly too which is why android apps mostly rely on circles, if you observe them. it's funny how a lot of women are attracted to circular designs because I'm such a rectangle person :P I can brainstorm a design with rectangles and squares easier than using circles.

  5. Hrmmm. I don't really pay attention to designs like designers do. I just go for what looks good to me? Half the time I don't even know what I'm supposed to look at if there are things to look at LOL I do tend to like things that are minimalistic and that are colour-coordinated well. I do like the Les Salins one a lot, but not really the colours. I like the layout and the designs. I don't think I have a preference for shapes, though . . .

  6. I'm so glad to see these designs as it's really close to my taste! I love minimalist designs as well and these few that you have featured are really great to look at. I'm no designer, but I sure am a sucker for these!

  7. I love it! I think it's so cool how so many different designers can incorporate a square and still manage to bring out something that is uniquely "them". I also think squares gives everything a sort of modern look to it. I don't actually have any designers that I follow but now I want to, haha.



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