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If you follow me on twitter, you might have stumbled upon my tweets about Sharp Objects . The HBO miniseries is arguably one of the best series I've watched in my entire life. It's dark, it's sad and it's completely messed a good way. If you're looking for something from the author of Gone Girl and a series with a strong, overwhelming atmosphere and performances from its cast, I highly recommend you check this out.
I have several reviews sitting in my draft but I'm just super lazy and tired from work at the moment that I wanted nothing but to sit down, unwind and talk about easy, simple things. Taking a break from blogging has given me so much more time to enjoy other things, mainly to catch up with tv series and films that have been rotting in my watchlist. I've been having fun playing Pokemon games on a 3ds emulator that it's slowly becoming my excuse as to why I just don't bother with blogging. I'm sorry not sorry, Pokemon is just extremely important for me.
The other day I tweeted how much I love UK tv series so much more than US ones and let me tell you that I wasn't joking at all. Sure, there are some US tv series that I've enjoyed in the past but they're usually for when I want something light to pass the time. My muse, however, tend to be directed towards UK shows. One of them is the newly released Netflix originals "The Innocents" — a show about two teenage lovers runaways.
I tend to not like birthdays, except for the part where I can stuff my face with cakes. So really, the thought of turning twenty three kind of drives me insane. Having my age increased by one seems to have fueled the already existing messy thoughts I've had since taking a break. Now, this post isn't about getting myself wasted on my birthday. It's about some revelations and thoughts I've had before finally reaching this point.
I'm back to reading books again. After experiencing months of reading slum due to how confusing Nova Ren Suma's The Walls Around Us was, I finally find it in me to start reading again. I realized that the more books I add into my to be read cart, the more picky I've become. I've always been a picky reader but now, I'm even pickier if that's even possible. So to celebrate the rebirth of my bookworm spirit, let me list down a few things found in fictions today that are guaranteed to turn me off. If a book contains any of the tropes I'm about to talk about, chances are I'm going to stray away before even trying it out unless of course, my favorite booktuber convinced me to do otherwise.
You know that feeling when you want to blog but your mind is empty and you don't know what to write about? Yet that feeling of missing one's blog space lingers; that feeling of wanting to pour something down because your blog is the perfect place to be a little personal but still stay discreet and secretive? This is that kind of post.
Alright, let's talk something all women experience monthly. Aunt flow is probably every woman's favourite aunt who comes bearing a monthly gift to confirm whether or not we are safe for another month to come. The relationship, however, is a complex one. We resent the times when she's around but stress over it when she doesn't pay us a visit. One common worry I believe most women share is the thought of us getting pregnant. Of course, it's an exciting possibility if you are actually waiting to be a mother. But to those who don't? It's a living nightmare. 
Happy Wednesday, earthlings! I've been taking a break from blogging in general for a week because I wasn't in the mood to do anything other than catch up with my video games and tv series throughout Ramadhan break. Speaking of Ramadhan, Happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate it. Since I don't celebrate it, the only thing I can tell you about is pretty much an empty shell — unless you count random life updates as something . Until I find the mood to actually blog properly again, let's just do the random rambles and moodboard mapping.
One of the most common questions I often get besides what it means to be a user experience designer is why I chose to work for a startup company as opposed to an established corporate with a very intricate hierarchy level. To the older generation, the thought of working in a startup company is anything but great. To them, startup companies do not pay as well as big corporations do. While salary is something relative fueled by stupid stereotypes, I'm here to report to you that I am someone who prefers working in a startup.
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