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Mlkboard #11

What. A. Busy. Bee. I've been for the month of October! I suppose this is the month where I'll start seeing people pull out knit sweaters, long coasts, cozy boots and then go to Starbucks for their long awaited pumpkin spice everything. As for me, I don't share the enthusiasm for pumpkin spice and Halloween (because we don't celebrate it here) which means fall vibes is pretty much nonexistent for me, unless you count watching Coraline, Halloween Town and Nightmare Before Christmas as a mini commemoration.

I stopped trusting beauty influencers and community

Beauty and fashion, probably two of the most profitable social media profession today other than being a food blogger. Whether it’s to share the love of mutual interests or to turn hobby and passion into a day job, we live in the era where people can be a salesperson in the comfort of their home. …

Sharp Objects, The Show I Want Everybody to Watch

If you follow me on twitter, you might have stumbled upon my tweets about Sharp Objects. The HBO miniseries is arguably one of the best series I've watched in my entire life. It's dark, it's sad and it's completely messed a good way. If you're looking for something from…

Love Notes #004

I have several reviews sitting in my draft but I'm just super lazy and tired from work at the moment that I wanted nothing but to sit down, unwind and talk about easy, simple things. Taking a break from blogging has given me so much more time to enjoy other things, mainly to catch up with tv s…

Netflix's Originals: The Innocents

The other day I tweeted how much I love UK tv series so much more than US ones and let me tell you that I wasn't joking at all. Sure, there are some US tv series that I've enjoyed in the past but they're usually for when I want something light to pass the time. My muse, however, tend t…
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